BPAC Room Reservations

Use the links below to reserve space in BPAC for rehearsals and class projects.

If you are requesting to use the space after regular business hours (e.g. Friday after 5:00, Saturday and Sunday), you will need to fill out a form to request to have the building and the room unlocked.

Due to the high demand of space in Blank Performing Arts Center it is important that:
1. If you book the space and then find that you don’t need it, you CANCEL the appointment through the youcanbookme site
2. Book only in one hour increments (this does not include classes or rehearsals for Theatre Simpson productions.)

* If you want to request room’s 101, 201 or 203 you must reserve it through conferences.
A new program has been introduced. Please follow the steps below.
1. Sign on to your SC Connect.
2. Under “My Links” click on “Book a Meeting or Event.”
3. Click the appropriate box to check availability before requesting space.
4. A web page calendar of events currently reserved on campus will open. Under “Find an Event” you can either search for a specific room or enter a date or range of dates to view what is already booked on campus. If the space you want to book is open, proceed to the next step, which is requesting the space.
5. Return to SC Connect web page, which is already open, and click on “REQUEST A ROOM.” Complete the form to request a reservation. The system will only accept forms that are filled out completely. Please note that this form is only a request for a location and NOT A CONFIRMATION. You will receive an email from scconnect@sipmson.edu that you have successfully submitted your request. Please review this information for accuracy. Contact conferences@simpson.edu if you find any mistakes regarding your request.
6. You will receive either a confirmation for your event from noreply@resourcescheduler.net or an email requesting additional information. Please keep in mind there may be other requests submitted for the same space, set-up requirements, maintenance issues, etc. for the location and time you are requesting, so do not publish your event until you receive a confirmation. We will respond to all requests within 3 business days.
*If you have any questions, you can contact conferences@simpson.edu or Theatre Simpson’s production assistant.

***ATTENTION: Before signing out a time please make sure that your youcanbookme Settings are set for CENTRAL TIME ZONE, it will sign you up for an incorrect time if it is not! Thank you!***

Click here to go to the appointment calendar for BPAC Room 202: BPAC Room 202 Reservations

Click here to go to the appointment calendar for BPAC Green Room: BPAC Green Room Reservations

Click here to go to the appointment calendar for BPAC Barnum: BPAC Barnum Reservations

Click here to go to the appointment calendar for BPAC Pote: BPAC Pote Reservations
***BPAC Pote has a limited availability right now due to other performances that need the space.***