Stage Management Handbook

 Company Polices/Emergency Procedure

TS Company Policies
TS Emergency Procedures
TS Fire Alert Information


TS Stage Management Expectations
TS Stage Manager Duties 
TS Stage Manager Checklist
TS Digital Stage Management Guidelines
TS Digital Stage Management Tips

Assistant Stage Management Resources

TS ASM Expectations

Pre-Rehearsal Document Guides

TS First Meeting with the Director
TS Pre-Production Analysis
(Download) Pre-Production Analysis Template
TS Preliminary Scene Breakdown Example
TS Core Action Statement and Audience Statement
TS Managing auditions

Rehearsal Help Documents

TS Guidelines for Emailing Documents
TS How to read a ground plan and scale rule
TS Rehearsal Prop check out guide
(Download) Company Contact Template
TS Production Meetings and Notes example
(Download) Production Meeting Template
TS Rehearsals
TS Rehearsal Reports
(Download) TS Rehearsal Report Template
TS Sample Blocking
TS Line notes sample
(Download) TS Line Notes Template
TS Rehearsal prop and costume tracking
(Download)TS Rehearsal prop and costume tracking template
Pre Work Call Agenda (Run by TD, agenda sent by PA)
TS Company Meetings

Technical Rehearsals

TS Tech Definitions
TS Pre-Tech Meeting Agenda (Run by SM, agenda sent by PA)
(Download) TS Tech Schedule Template
TS Prop preset example
TS Props Preset/Shift Sheet Example
TS Tech and performance report
(Download) TS Tech Report Template
(Download) TS Performance Report Template
TS Marking Cues
TS Marking/Calling Cues
TS Pre/post show check list

Festival of Short Plays

TS SM Team Division of Labor
(Download) TS Festival of Short Plays Rehearsal Report Template