Theatre Simpson Production Auditions

Company Information for Tartuffe & The Bald Soprano

Thank you to everyone who came to auditions and expressed interest in participating in the Theatre Simpson productions of Tartuffe and The Bald Soprano.  We were impressed with the auditions and thrilled with the number of students we have involved with Theatre Simpson this year.

If you are in 001 your name should appear on both company lists.  Please contact Jennifer Nostrala if your name doesn’t appear on both lists.  If you are not in 001 your name may only appear on one list.  It is not that we don’t want your help, we just ran out of openings.  Know that we would love anyone interested in volunteering extra hours to join us for either of the work calls.

If you are in the cast or on stage management of Tartuffe we will have a rehearsal tonight, Thursday, August 31. You can purchase your script at the rehearsal for $5.

If you are in the cast or on stage management of The Bald Soprano your first rehearsal/table read will be Monday, September 18th, at 6:30 pm in Room 203.  Scripts may be purchased from Nancy in the main office for $5.

Bald Soprano FINAL Company List

Tartuffe FINAL Company List

If you have questions about auditions contact Jennifer Nostrala at 961-1649 ( or Mimi Kammer at (