Theatre Simpson Production Auditions

Audition Information for Festival of Short Plays 2017: Ethics and Integrity

Noises Off 2015

Randa Meierhenry ’16, Gillian Randall ’16, Bryce Browning ’17, and Kate Court ’16 in Noises Off 

Thank you to everyone who came out for auditions on Monday night.

The company list is posted here and on the bulletin board in the faculty office hallway .

Company Members:  You can purchase the plays in the main office for $2.00. It is recommended that all cast and crew purchase a copy.

Cast members:  The directors will be in touch with you regarding the first rehearsal.

Performances of Festival of Short Plays 2017: Ethics and Integrity are April 7-9 with technical rehearsals beginning April 1.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Nostrala (

FSP 2016

Rachel Riley ’19, Adam Sandquist ’19, Emily Carey ’19 in A Roz By Any Other Name