Theatre Simpson Student Handbook

A great theatre production comes from a group of people working well together. Here at Theatre Simpson every member of the company is important. It takes all of us working together as a team to make each production successful! These policies and procedures are designed to help us work together as a team and also to have fun in the process.

Here is the Theatre Arts Department Mission Statement

Policies- The policies below are designed to help events and classes at Theatre Simpson to run smoothly.
TS Company Policies
TS Emergency Procedures
Fire Alert Information
TS Financial Procedures and Policies
TS Props/Rehearsal Furniture Usage
TS Archival Photo Policy
TS Company Comp  Tickets
Request to miss mandatory call form
Students are able to check out spaces for rehearsals and class projects at BPAC Room Reservations!
*You don’t need to check out BPAC Room 102 but you need to request for it to be unlocked-These forms are located outside the main Theatre Office.*

Student Requirements- The documents below specify what is expected of students wanting to either major or minor in Theatre Arts.
Theatre Arts Major Requirements
Theatre Arts Minor Requirements
Theatre Simpson Courses
Theatre Major Checklist
Theatre Minor Checklist
TS Scholarship Requirments
TS Student Requirements by Year
Junior Goal Plans

Resumes/Headshots- As a person involved in theatre, it is very important that you keep an updated resume and headshot. These documents will help guide you to having a more professional looking resume and headshot for class or for professional interviews.
Resume Helpful Hints
Tech Resume Example 1
Acting Resume Example 1
Tech/Acting Resume Example 2
Tech/Acting Resume Example 3
Cover Letter/Resume Guide
Headshot Thoughts and Examples
Tips for Successful Interviewing
Possible Tech/Design Interview Questions
Audition Tips and Expectations

Designs- At Theatre Simpson, students have the chance to partake in design positions for the seasons. Below is a link to the design positions page with all the information about these opportunities. Also listed below are the applications to sign up for these positions.
Check out specific design opportunities and their job descriptions on the Design Positions Page!
Company Member Application
Design Leadership Application (Word)
Design Leadership Application (Writable PDF)

Extras- Students have the opportunity to partake in extra groups and events in the theatre, in the documents below you will find information on a few of the extra opportunities Theatre Simpson has to offer.
TS KCACTF Assessment-Design and Technology
TS KCACTF Assessment-Irene Ryan
Alpha Psi Omega
Performing Arts Theme House