Beckett Revisited

by Samuel Beckett
directed by Dr. Jack L. Jenkins
November 12-13 and 19-20, 1993
Studio Theatre

Act Without Words II
A – Chad Prall
B – Derek Weimer

Come and Go
Flo – Karen White
Vi – Naima Nicholson
Ru – Kirsten Verploegh

Krapp’s Last Tape
Krapp – Jack L. Jenkins

Endgame, an eschatology
Clov – Dan May
Hamm – Charlie Pehrson
Nagg – Derek Weimer
Nell – Ann Cady

Technical Staff
Scenic and Lighting Design – Steve J. McLean
Stage Manager – Courtney Hoops
Assistant Stage Manager – Kate Bundy
Assistant Sound – Meghan Scoultz
Sound Engineer/Running Crew – Joe Cockrell
Master Electrician – Dave Kniep
Board Operator/Assistant Light Designer – Pamela Banning
Prop Coodinator – Wendy Chapin
Props Master/Shift Coordinator – Meghan Shoultz
Props/Shift Assistant – Krisanne Weimer, Kris Hall, Clay Ross
Costume Shop UGA – Ann Cady
Lead Wardrobe – Diane Ernst
Wardrobe Assistant – Emily McMillen
Make-up Coordinator – Ryan Shiver
Front of House UGA – Ryan Shriver
Box Office Manager – Jenn Peterson
Box Office Assistants – Wendy Chapin, Jennifer Pfeifer, Jennifer Dunaway
House Manager – Wendy Quick

Set Construction – Pamela Banning, Travis Richter, Heidi Wagner, Lori Benton, Clay Ross, Melody Zamora, Art Hill, David Samuelson
Props Construction – Heather Bubke, Wendy Chapin
Costumes – Cindy Ault, Ann Cady, Jennifer Kallevang, Melanie Walsh
Lights and Sound – Pamela Banning, Dave Kniep, Charlie Pehrson, Meghan Shoultz
Office Staff – Kate Bundy, Tony Ladehoff, Wendy Quick, Ryan Shriver
Assistant Tech. Director/Scene Shop Supervisor – Pamela Pearson
Costume Shop Supervisor – Bette Haddox