Bills Chicks Live on Stage

by William Shakespeare
compiled and directed by Ann Cady and Meghan Shoultz
March 4-5, 1994
Studio Theatre

Ann Cady
Meghan Shoultz

Production Staff
Set, Costume, and Sound Designers – Ann Cady and Meghan Shoultz
Stage Manager – Kate Bundy
Light Board Operator – Courtney Hoops
Sound Board Operator – Wendy Quick
Props Crew – Pamela Banning
Program Layout – Courtney Hoops

Department Staff
Theatre Department Chair – Jennifer Ross
Design Supervisor/Technical Director – Steve McLean
Assistant Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor – Pamela Pearson
Costume Shop Supervisor – Bette Haddox
Costume Shop UGA – Ann Cady
Front-of-House UGA – Ryan Shriver
Lighting UGA – Dave Kniep
Theatre Department Secretary – Bette Haddox
Publicity – Simpson College Public Relations Department, Kate Bundy, Courtney Hoops, Wendy Quick