Festival of Short Plays 2010: Disturbing the Peace

April 16-17, 7:30 pm

Theatre-Festival-2010April 18, 1:00 pm

Barnum Studio Theatre


Design and Production Staff:

  • Directors- Kyle Bochart, Danille Brown, and Candace Zak
  • Costume/Makeup and Hair Designer- Kellie Green
  • Production Stage Manager- Katie Rooney
  • Scenic Designer- Erin Tracy
  • Lighting Designer- Kelsey Swanson
  • Props Designer/Master- Kennedy Horton
  • Sound Designers- Brandon Hebert and Chris Williams

Nascendo by Alina Nelega

Director- Danille Brown
Stage Manager- Lindsey Oetken

Cast List

  • Rita – Tiffany Flory
  • Ina – Michelle Lingscheit
  • Dutza – Ali Simpson
  • Marta – Jennie Flinspach
  • Valentina – Emily Leger
  • Young Man – Seth Billyard

Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett

Director- Candace Zak
Stage Manger- Caleb Carver

  • Director – Paul Privitera
  • Protagonist – Grey Lovelace
  • Luke – Brandon Hebert
  • Assistant – Heather Powers

Mistake by Vaclav Havel

Director- Candace Zak
Stage Manager- Caleb Carver

  • King – Clay Daggett
  • Xiboy – Paul Privitera
  • Prisoner 1 – Brandon Hebert
  • Prisoner 2 – Grey Lovelace
  • Prisoner 3 – Ken Jaeger

Havel Interview Adapted from Vaclav Havel texts by Kyle Bochart

Director- Kyle Bochart
Stage Manger – Meghan Vosberg

  • Vaclav Havel – Chris Williams
  • Writer – Natalie Hining

I Think About You a Great Deal by Arthur Miller

Director – Kyle Bochart
Stage Manger- Meghan Vosberg

  • Writer – Natalie Hining
  • Havel – Chris Williams

Production Staff

Sound Board Operator: Elizabeth Hewitt

Light Board Operator: Brianna Goins

Master Electrician: Kelsey Swanson

Prop/Deck Crew: Caleb Carver, Jacob Kirby, Lindsey Oetken, Meghan Vosberg

Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup Crew Head: Alexa Smith

Wardrobe/Makeup Crew: Kim Gisch, Ashley Mohlis

Box Office Manager: Zak Bartels

House Manager: Sadie Ackerman

Front of House Crew: All Carrino, Kennedy Horton, Kristina Kelehan, Erin Larson, Kelsey Swanoson Erin Tracy

Producer: Jennifer Ross Nostrala

Program and Poster Design: Leslie Diehl

Production Crews

Technical Director: Steve McLean

Assistant Technical Director: Rick Goetz

Costume Shop Supervisor: Tiffany N. Rudd

Costume Construction: Jennie Flinspach, Elizabeth Hewitt, Katie Rooney, Alexa Smith, Discovering Theatre Students, American Theatre and Drama Students

Lighting Crew: Zak Bartels, Jessica Drobot, Kelsey Swanson, Meghan Vosberg, Candace Zak

Sound Crew: Kyle Bochart

Theatre Department Office: Danille Brown, Heather Powers

Audience Services: Erin Tracy

Set Construction: Sadie Ackerman, Brianna Goins, Brandon Hebert, Natalie Hining, Ashley Mohlis, Lindsey Oetken, Paul Privitera, Chris Williams, Discovering Theatre Students

Department Staff:

  • Assistant Technical Director, Scene Shop Supervisor, Designer – Rick Goetz
  • Faculty Services – Stacy Lindsley
  • Design Supervisor/Technical Director; Courses in Design/Tech, Management, Discovering Theatre; Designer – Steve McLean
  • Courses in Directing, Acting, Literature, Discovering Theatre; Director – Jennifer Ross Nostrala
  • Costume Design/Construction; Costume Shop Supervisor, Designer – Tiffany Rudd
  • Education Outreach Coordinator, Courses in Acting, Voice Interpretation,
  • Discovering Theatre; Director – Ann Woldt
  • Chair, Department of Theatre Arts; Courses in History/Literature, Performance, Discovering Theatre; Director – Tom Woldt