Back Story

Based on characters created by Joan Ackermann
A dramatic anthology by Joan Ackermann, Courtney Baron, Neena Beber, Constance Congdon,
 Jon Klein, Shirley Lauro, Craig Lucas, Eduardo Machado, Donald Margulies, Jane Martin, Susan Miller, John Olive, Tanya Palmer, David Rambo, Edwin Sanchez, Adele Edling Shank, Mayo Simon, and Val Smith

Directed by Jennifer Ross Nostrala

September 25-26 & October 2-3 at 7:30pm
September 27 & October 4 at 1:00

Barnum Studio

Theatre-Back-Story-Production2Design and Production Staff:

  • Director – Jennifer Ross Nostrala
  • Scenic Designer – Steve McLean
  • Lighting Designer: Steve McLean
  • Stage Manager – Candace Zak
  • Costume/Hair & Makeup Designer – Eliz Hewitt
  • Props Designer – Kellie Green
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Ashley Mohlis
  • Assistant Lighting Designer – Meghan Vosberg
  • Sound Designer—Jennifer Ross Nostrala

Cast List:

  • Ainsley- Katie Rooney
  • Ethan- Paul Privitera

Production Staff:

  • Sound Engineer - Kyle Bochart
  • Sound Board Operator – Kyle Bochart
  • Show Electrician – Zak Bartels
  • Light Board Operator – Danille Brown
  • Prop/Deck Crew Head – Clint Hutchcroft
  • Prop/Deck Crew – Sadie Ackerman, Caleb Carver, Natalie Hining,
  • Wardrobe/Makeup Master—Cassandra Ring
  • Wardrobe/Makeup Crew – Allison Carino, Alexa Smith
  • Box Office Manager – Erin Tracy
  • Box Office Crew—Heather Powers
  • House Manager – Tiffany Flory
  • Program/Poster Design – Leslie Diehl
  • Front of House Crew – Briana Goins, Kellie Green, Eliz Hewitt, Kennedy Horton, Emily Ledger,
    Erin Larson, Lindsey Oetken, Meghan Vosberg, Chris Williams

Theatre-Back-Story-production1Production Crews:

  • Costume Construction – Cassandra Ring, Alexa Smith, Katie Rooney, Elizabeth Hewitt, Discovering Theatre Students
  • Lighting Crew – Candace Zak, Zak Bartels, Jessica Drobot, Meghan Vosberg
  • Sound Crew - Kyle Bochart
  • Theatre Department Office - Danille Brown, Heather Powers
  • Audience Services – Erin Tracy
  • Set Construction – Sadie Ackerman, Jennie Flinspach, Brianna Goins, Natalie Hining, Clint Hutchcroft, Ashley Mohlis, Lindsey Oetken, Paul Privitera, Johanna Schoenfelder, Discovering Theatre Students

Department Staff:

  • Assistant Technical Director, Shop Supervisor, Designer - Rick Goetz
  • Faculty Services - Stacy Lindsley
  • Design Supervisor/Technical Director; Courses in Design/Tech, Management, Discovering Theatre; Designer - Steve McLean
  • Head, Division of Visual and Performing Arts; Courses in Directing, Acting, Literature, Discovering Theatre; Director - Jennifer Ross Nostrala
  • Costume Design/Construction; Shop Supervisor, Designer - Tiffany Rudd
  • Educational Outreach Coordinator, Courses in Acting, Voice Interpretation, Discovering Theatre; Director - Ann Woldt
  • Chair, Department of Theatre Arts; Courses in History/Literature, Performance, Discovering Theatre; Director - Tom Woldt