Tales of the Lost Formicans

By Constance Congdon
March 21, 22 & 23, 2003
Pote Theatre

Design and Production Staff:

  • Director – Jennifer Ross Nostrala
  • Set Designer – Kevin Bautch
  • Lighting Designer – David W. Kniep
  • Sound Designer – Steve McLean
  • Costume Designer – Kara Spencer
  • Stage Manager – Allison Smith
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Becca Jackson
  • Assistant Stage Manager/Props – Kayla Schmidt

The Cast:

  • Cathy (nee McKissick) – Samantha Pohl
  • Eric (her son) – Zach Rapp
  • Jim McKissick (her father) – Eliot Garfield
  • Evelyn McKissick (her mother) – Sue Gerver
  • Judy – Karolina Czerwinski
  • Jerry – Victor May
  • Actor – James Palmer

Production Staff

Master Electrician: Traci Nicolino

Light Board Operator: Desiree Weidert

Sound Board Operator: Rachel Burrow

Alien Crew Head: Sarah Stanley

Alien Crew: Jinya Elsner, Melanie Olson, Crystal VanDeCasteele

Wardrobe Master: Kate Farence

Hair/Wardrobe Crew: Jenna Brunning, Tasha Tracy

Box Office Manager: Mandy Peters

Box Office Crew: Lindsey Ingles

House Manager: Niki Goble

Head Usher: Kristine Wendt

Poster and Program Cover Design: Brianne Neaman

Publicity Art Director: Carol Carder

Publicity Photo: Michael Adams

Program Artwork: Crystal VanDeCasteele

Production Crew

Props Construction: Kayla Schmidt, Rachel Burrow

Costume Construction: Kate Farence, Audry Grieme, Becca Jackson

Lighting Crew: Eliot Garfield, Victor May, Traci Nicolino, James Palmer

Sound Crew: Allison Smith

Theatre Department Office Staff: Samantha Pohl, Crystal VanDeCasteele

Theatre Simpson Audience Services Staff: Mandy Peters

Set Construction: Jenna Bruning, Karoline Czerwinski, Niki Goble, Brooke Jackson, Meghann Johnson, Melaine Olson, Zach Rapp, Anan Smith, Desiree Weidert, Theatre Scholarship Students, Theatre 112 Students

Department Staff:

Assistant Technical Director; Shop Supervisor; Designer – Kevin Bautch

Design Supervisor/Technical Director; Courses in Design/Tech, Makeup and Management; Designer – Steven J. McLean

Chari, Division of Visual and Performing Arts; Courses in Directing, Acting, Literature, Introduction to Theatre; Director – Jennifer Ross Nostrala

Faculty Services – Karen Render

Costumer Design/Construction; Shop Supervisor; Designer – Kara Spencer

Lecturer; Courses in Acting; Voice Interpretation, Introduction to Theatre – Ann Woldt

Chair Department of Theatre Arts; Courses in History/Literature, Performance, Introduction to Theatre; Director – Thomas Woldt