Arts Management Minor

Arts Management Minor at Simpson College

The Arts Management Minor is tailored to those students who are currently pursuing a major or minor in art, music or theater.  This minor will introduce students to the broad areas of economics, management and accounting and how they are applied to careers in art, music and theater through the examination of art-related enterprises and companies.

Econ 100–Principles of Economics  (4 credits)
Magt. 131–Management Concepts (4 credits)
Acct. 201–Introduction to Accounting (QR) (4 credits)
Magt. 231–Business Law and Business Ethics I (4 credits)
VPA 250*–Arts Management (4 credits)

Recommended:  Arts Management Internship (1-4 credits)

Through the completion of the courses listed above, students will be able to grasp the basic concepts of economics, management and accounting and how they are integrated into the arts in the working world through the completion of the arts management course. If the student so chooses, actual experiences in a business/arts environment can be accomplished through the completion of an internship.

*VPA 250 is offered every other year in the fall.  It is offered Fall 2017 and will be offered again Fall 2019.  Students do not need to take the Arts Management course before taking other courses in the minor.