Scholarship Responsibilities

Theatre Simpson Scholarship Weekend is February 19-20, 2015

Theatre Simpson Scholarship Application is now available online. To register click here.


The Theatre Simpson scholarship is the highest honor that can be given by the Department of Theatre Arts. While the exact dollar amount of the scholarship is determined as a part of your personalized financial aid package, the department views the awarding and the acceptance of a scholarship as the strongest possible statement of commitment between the department and you, the student. By accepting a scholarship, you are indicating that you agree with and will honor the following conditions in good faith in order to maintain your scholarship.


With respect to those who hold Scholarships, the Simpson College Theatre Department commits to:

  • setting, maintaining and meeting the highest possible standards of excellence for all areas of production and artistic achievement, with the knowledge that the true joy of artistic expression comes from doing so to the absolute best of one’s abilities.
  • applying all the training, expertise and creativity of the faculty and staff toward achieving these goals.
  • utilizing materials and other resources as effectively as possible for successful artistic achievement.
  • establishing a professional environment for creative work, including efficient use of time.
  • emphasizing the importance of working together as a company as the only means to achieving high standards, while respecting the individuality of each person in the company.
  • allowing the student to explore as wide a range of creative experiences as possible, both in terms of production responsibilities and genre/styles of plays.
  • providing a schedule of all scholarship events for the entire academic year during the first week of classes in the fall, and providing updates in a timely fashion as needed thereafter.
  • creating circumstances, normally outside of production work, which allow for social interaction among company members.


With respect to departmental and scholarship activities, the student accepting a scholarship commits to:

  • maintaining a GPA of at least 2.5 in Theatre Department classes and at least 2.0 overall.
  • making scholarship activities and requirements a high priority when arranging/managing schedules, with attention to the idea that theatre productions are primarily academically-oriented and therefore always take priority over socially-oriented organizations or conflicts.
  • recognizing that theatre productions are collaborative in nature and therefore dependent upon high quality work from every member of the company the contribution of each person is vital to the success of the project as a whole, whether it be on-stage or off.
  • participating in good faith and in a punctual manner in all required scholarship events.
  • upholding a commitment to the liberal-arts philosophy of the college and the department by being involved in each mainstage production in some capacity with the understanding that a well-rounded experience in the theatre includes work both onstage as an actor and offstage as a technician, designer, or crew member. To that end, the following criteria are expected of all scholarship holders:
  1. must participate in good faith in auditions for each production, unless a previous assignment has been made by the faculty to a technical or design position which precludes being available as an actor. The student will speak with the director regarding this conflict at least a week prior to the scheduled auditions. [In the case of student directed one-acts, scholarship students must speak with the professor teaching Directing Studio before auditions.] Auditioning is an important means of developing life-skills and therefore is an important learning experience for all students, whether they consider themselves actors or not. Perceived conflicts during the rehearsal or performance process, etc., do not excuse the student from auditioning, and should be discussed with the director as part of the audition process.
  2. workcalls are a primary responsibility for scholarship students (and cast-members.) There will be at least one all day Saturday work call (with potential for more) for each production. These are mandatory workcalls. If extenuating circumstances will prevent you from attending a workcall you must fill out a request to miss the workcall form and speak to the department chair at least one week prior to the workcall. Missed workcall hours must be made up. Workcalls are important not only as a time for getting a large number of production projects accomplished but also, and more importantly, as a time for developing life-skills such as team problem-solving, leadership, and time-management, while contributing to the necessary company environment.
  3. required to put in a minimum of three (3) hours working in the box office per production. Effective audience service is critical to the success of any production and to the reputation of the department and the college.
  4. Strike (the taking-down and putting-away of all production materials) is required of all company members including all scholarship students. 15 minutes following the final curtain everyone will assemble in the appropriate theatre space. Roll will be taken and then you will be assigned to various jobs. No one will leave the theatre until dismissed. Roll will again be taken at the end of strike. Please keep a good attitude through the strike and work productively.