Transfer Colloquium

Transfer Colloquium 201 with Murphy Waggoner

Transfer Colloquium is designed to help students transition to Simpson, socially and academically. In this small seminar, students will connect with other transfers, learn about the resources and opportunities on campus (such as advising, internships, and study abroad), reflect on future academic or career plans, and improve their writing skills.

Meet Professor Waggoner

Murphy Waggoner, Ed.D.Murphy-Waggoner Hi! My name is Murphy Waggoner, and I have been a professor at Simpson for 20 years. While I’m a mathematician, my emphasis is on teaching and applications of mathematics. Lately I have been involved with combining my love of math and my love of art. Last May I taught a Mathematics of Art course and had a great time. I hope the students did, too, and I can’t wait to teach it again. A couple of years ago I finished a Spanish degree as well (so I am a Simpson grad!) I am going to strengthen my Spanish speaking and listening skills while I lead a group of students on a semester abroad to Argentina in Spring 2014. One of my responsibilities is as the director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program through which students earn an Independent Interdisciplinary major, a program where students build their own major that addresses an important question or theme. Refer to our page and our current majors to see what our students have done. I have a part-time administrative position as the Director of Academic Assessment. In the past 4 years I have worked with the rest of the faculty on building the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum, and I am excited to see it in action and working with the faculty on ensuring that it is a strong program that fosters student success at Simpson and after. My office is in Carver and the door is open.   I look forward to welcoming you to Simpson College next fall!

 Meet Your SC LeaderScreen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.29.02 AM

Sarah Beadle Hello and welcome to Simpson! I’m Sarah Beadle and I will be working with Murphy Waggoner as an SC 201 Colloquium Leader and Writing Fellow.  I am originally from Ottumwa, Iowa but Indy is my new home.  As a junior next year, I’ll be majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology and working on a minor in Ethics.  Last year I worked on Residence Life staff, and this year I’ll be returning to my job in the Psychology Department.  I currently serve as the President of Kappa Kappa Gamma women’s fraternity and Psychology Club.  My other involvement includes being a Wesley Service Scholar, Everybody Wins! Iowa reading mentor, Best Buddies, and working on the food committee to improve our dining venues on campus!  I’ve recently been inducted into Psi Chi International Honor Society and the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Fraternity. Some interesting facts about my Simpson experience- I was the first person in Simpson’s history to declare the Neuroscience major last fall, I have an older sister who graduated in 2013, I represented the class of 2016 on homecoming court last year, and my first year here I went from one end of our pool to the other in a cardboard and duct tape boat for the old homecoming tradition “Float, Sink, or Swim” (we floated, barely!)- I can’t wait to help you find your home away from home and make your own memories! When I was in high school I was involved in Science Club, National Honor Society, cheerleading, tennis, band, show choir, and volunteered as a member of my local United Way! I’ve traveled to somewhere around 10 countries already and I can’t wait to go to more!  My first  May term I went on “The Call of Service” to Colorado for 2 weeks and this May term I will be going to Costa Rica to learn about the ethics of globalization.  I’ve also been on a Religious Life Community alternative spring break trip to Washington state.  I have had a blast in my time at Simpson, and assure you that you will find the same adventure as you begin your time as a student here!

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