Transfer Colloquium

Transfer Colloquium 201 with Shane Cox

Transfer Colloquium is designed to help students transition to Simpson, socially and academically. In this small seminar, students will connect with other transfers, learn about the resources and opportunities on campus (such as advising, internships, and study abroad), reflect on future academic or career plans, and improve their writing skills.

Meet Professor Cox

Shane Cox, M.B.A.

 Assistant Professor of Accountingshane-cox

My commitment to students at Simpson College comes down to three general areas. First, I want to provide students with the technical knowledge and critical thinking skills to master all areas of accounting and successfully complete the Certified Public Accountant examination. I encourage all accounting majors to sit for the CPA exam immediately after graduation. Second, I work hand-in-hand with students during the internship and job search process and am willing to reach out to employers to assist. Last, I focus on helping students examine their roles in communities and society and how to be effective and ethical citizens. The importance of character and ethics in the accounting profession cannot be overstated. Simpson College has a great reputation in the business community and I am committed to continuing that tradition.

The accounting profession is a critical component in our society and there is strong demand in the field. It always amazes me when students begin a career in public accounting starting at salaries at approximately $50,000 – $55,000 after graduation. The opportunity is unbelievable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual wage of accountants at $61,690 (2010). If you would like to discuss the profession, the CPA examination, or the importance and responsibilities of accountants to capital markets and society in general, feel free to contact me. At the end of the day, it comes down to being able to earn a solid living, and having the opportunity to contribute to society in an ethical and responsible way. My colleagues in the accounting department and I are committed to helping you achieve in those areas.

During my spare time, I enjoy going hiking and spending time with family. I am a big fan of football, at both the professional and college-levels.

Meet Your SC LeaderScreen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.25.18 AM

Kaitlyn Gochenour


My name is Kaitlyn Gochenour, and I am from Logan, Iowa.  I will be a junior next fall at Simpson College!  I am the Simpson Colloquium Leader for the transfer students in Professor Cox’s class!  I plan on graduating in May of 2016 with a Political Science and Management Major. I graduated from Logan-Magnolia in 2012 where I was active in volleyball, dance, football and wrestling cheerleading, show choir, and National Honor Society, among many other things.  At Simpson, I am currently a member of the dance team and I am involved in many clubs on Simpson campus.

I decided to attend Simpson College because of the welcoming campus environment.  Simpson is a place that I call home, and it is exciting that I am going to be able to share this feeling with other students.  Simpson College is a place where I have succeeded and I am eager to share my experiences with all of you.  I am very excited for next fall and look forward to meeting you all during registration!


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