Campus Connect 2012 Participants during an outingSponsored by Student Support Services (SSS), CampusConnect is a pre-fall introduction to Simpson and college life. Approximately 15-20 incoming First Year students have the opportunity to kick-start their academic, social, and personal adjustment to college through this unique program. As part of CampusConnect, students receive a variety of FREE services prior to the start of the fall semester. This week consists of a structured, well-rounded selection of social opportunities, class time and fun!



Activities during CampusConnect week include:

  • Welcome dinner and early move in to the residence halls
  • English 195 – Academic Writing*
  • Workshops on study skills and college adjustment
  • Outdoor and recreational activities
  • Dining and events both in Indianola and Des Moines


*English 195 is a 1 credit course.   All course fees, including books, are paid by Student Support Services.

Benefits of CampusConnect:

  • Move into campus housing a week early
  • Meet some of your new classmates, Simpson staff, and faculty.
  • Advanced acceptance into the SSS program for fall.
  • See and interact with the local and surrounding community through fun activities.
  • Get to know and work with SSS Peer Mentors and staff.

If you would like to find out more information about CampusConnect, please contact our Office at: 515-961-1230 or email Marzia Corn-Benson.