Verification of FAFSA application data:  A student selected for verification must comply with the guidelines as outlined below.  Students may be selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education or Simpson College.  The verification process is mandated by the U.S. Department of Education.  Some students are selected for a specific reason and others are randomly chosen. The process is designed to ensure that the data on the FAFSA correlates with the information reported on the federal income tax return.
If the student is notified by the office of financial aid to complete the verification process, the following must be noted:

A. The student and parent/spouse are responsible for providing supporting data including:

1. Completed verification worksheet(s)
2. Copies of tax return transcripts for both student and parent/spouse, and
3. Other required documentation as requested by the office of financial    assistance.

B. This data is urgent and must be provided immediately.
C. Failure to provide this data by the second week of enrollment can result in the loss
of campus based federal funds to the student.
D. Financial aid will not be credited to the student’s account until this process is completed.

Campus based federal funds will not be reserved if a student fails to complete the verification process in a timely manner.  Simpson College will not guarantee availability of campus based funds if a student fails to complete the verification process by the second week of enrollment.