Screening Information

Screening Information for Theatre Simpson Students

Deadline to submit screening application is noon Friday, October 4.

Senior portfolio screening will be Monday, October 7 from 4:30 – 5:30
Senior Acting Screening will be Tuesday, October 8 from 1-2 PM.

General acting screening will be Tuesday, November 5 from 1-2 PM.
General Portfolio screening will be Monday, November 11 from 4:30-5:30

The screening process is designed to help prepare students for successful auditions and interviews off-campus. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior theatre majors are required to complete the screening process in at least one area. First-year students are encouraged to participate.

For acting screening you will prepare for your audition as you would to audition for a professional theatre company. Please come dressed for a professional audition and bring several copies of your acting resume and your most recent headshot. You will go into this as you would a professional audition. Make sure that you follow the requirements for the site where you intend to audition. Going over time will result in a deduction. We model our screenings after professional theatre auditions. Below I have provided some links so that you can prepare for what they require:

For URTA’s:

For MWTA’s:


For portfolio screening you will present your portfolio as you would in a professional interview. All material must be set up before 4:00 on the day of your screening. You will have your portfolio, your technical and/or design resume and any other materials you wish to bring. You will make a FIVE MINUTE presentation to the design/tech faculty and staff. At the end of your presentation there will be a brief time for questions from your respondents. Please come dressed and prepared to impress.

Use the linked form to sign up for screening sessions. (Print out the form and turn it into the main theatre office. Hard copies of the form are also available in the main office.)

Form found here: Theatre Simpson Screening Sign Up—Fall 2013

DEADLINE—A hard copy of this form must be submitted by Noon, Oct. 4.

Successful completion of the screening process is required for the department to sign off on the necessary paperwork for you to audition/interview for outside agencies.

Please check with department faculty and staff if you have any questions.