Fly-in Program


Aerial Balloons over Campus

If you’re interested in attending Simpson, we’re determined to make it possible for you to visit campus! Take advantage of this great opportunity to check out campus and experience a day in the life of a Simpson student.



Program Guidelines:

  • Must be accepted for admission.
  • Live 250+ miles from Simpson College.
  • Reimbursement covers up to $300 of the student’s flight (not to exceed the cost of the ticket)—$200 reimbursed following your campus visit, and an additional $100 reimbursed upon your enrollment. *(The second part of the reimbursement will be credited to the student account after our official add/drop date which is 10 days into the fall semester.)
  • Provide receipt of ticket purchase during your campus visit.
  • Transportation to & from Des Moines International Airport is available.
  • Students may spend up to 48 hours on campus.  During this time, Simpson College will provide the student with overnight accommodations and meals.  Prior to purchasing your ticket, you need to confirm your arrangements with the Office of Admissions.

*Offer cannot be used during SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration) dates in April and June.


Plan your personalized campus visit today by calling 800-362-2454, extension 1660 or by using our online form here.


Your Fly-In Visit can be customized to your interests and include the following: