History Professors

History Department with grads


 "The department of History is one of the most widely respected departments among students on campus and their classes are highly sought after because they make learning fun.”

                                                                                                                                     ~ 2011 Graduate

Nick Proctor with Allie Walker (History)

"Their focus is truly the students.”


" . . . the history faculty has challenged me . . ."

"The History department creates a fun-filled, caring environment to learn."


"What I have enjoyed the most here at Simpson is my professors and the relationships I have made with them. They make classes fun and are there to help with anything."


"I think the best experience is being able to have professors that are so accessible and willing to help. The history professors genuinely care about the success and interests of their students. The ability to have that one-on-one relationship with your professors is really what sets Simpson apart."



"[P]rofessors who are invested in you personally and interested not only in what you have to say, but seeing you succeed as well."


"The most important and valuable aspect about history at Simpson is the faculty. Because they chose to share their own knowledge and skills, my experience at Simpson has been unforgettable."



Prof. Daryl Sasser and Rawley Butler '13 (History)

"They truly care about how you are doing academically and personally."

"The history professors are great. They are enthusiastic about the subjects and this reflects upon the students.”

Prof. Rebecca Livingstone and JoAnna Freeland '13 (History)

"They have all inspired me to be a great teacher myself because they have made learning History interesting and exciting."

"how passionate each of the professors are about what they are teaching"

Livingstone (History in London)
Prof. Daryl Sasser (History)
Prof. Judy Walden (History)

"The way they present history pulled me in, and I went from taking a few classes for fun to being a full-fledged history major."




 "They have pushed me to be the student I am, without these professors I would not be as successful.  All these professors go above and beyond in order for their students to be successful.  They all are willing to sit and talk in their office about history courses or about life for hours, which creates a strong trusting relationship between the student and professor.  This close bond creates a more positive learning experience because students are more willing to take risks in classes, which helps the student to be successful."