Women’s and Gender Studies


The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Simpson gives you the chance to learn about and get involved in issues affecting women and the influence women have on society.  We’ve dedicated ourselves to engaging all students in an awareness of women’s contributions, concerns, perspectives and theories across all disciplines. Simpson offers college-wide programming and a curriculum that supports a creative, diverse and just community.

Here you’ll study feminist ethics or philosophy, learn about American women’s history or women’s literature, and explore women and politics. You may also focus on gender, race and class issues. From the classroom to the campus, you’ll see there are a variety of ways to get involved in the issues that interest you.

Simpson is proud of programs like Sophia – a student-lead group that raises awareness and provides education about women’s issues on campus in which men and women can share their ideas and experiences. The Kate Shelley Women’s Resource Center is home to services and programs that support women’s issues. Here you’ll find a casual, comfortable place to engage in conversations and share ideas that recognize the unique and powerful role of women in modern society.

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