Women’s and Gender Resource Center

Kate Shelley House (705 North D Street) is home to the Women’s and Gender Resource Center (WGRC), a comfortable and supportive environment that encourages awareness and discussion of women’s and gender issues.  The WGRC offers a living space for four students who are interested in working together and with the campus to promote awareness of women’s and gender issues. Students interested in living in the house should contact Prof. Judy Walden, Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, judith.walden@simpson.edu, or Dr. Luke Behaunek, Dean of Students, luke.behaunek@simpson.edu.

In addition to serving as a themed residence house, WGRC provides resources about women and opportunities to recognize the unique and powerful role of women in modern society.  There is a library for Simpson community members who would like to learn more about women, feminism, and gender issues; and Kate Shelley House regularly hosts meetings of student groups (PRIDE, Feminist Club) and the newly-organized WaGS faculty/student book club.  In addition to providing space, the WGRC organizes programming on campus related to women’s and gender issues, and collaborates with other campus groups to promote gender justice.