Women’s Studies Minor

The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is a multidisciplinary program focusing on social constructions of gender and sex as well as the consequences of these constructions. As sex and gender are enmeshed in a matrix that includes race, ethnicity, class, sexual identity, and religion, the minor explores the experiences of diverse populations, both in the United States and around the world.

The minor provides important perspective on various social institutions and processes, historical developments, scientific methodologies, psychological developments, and creative achievements of those who have been marginalized within their cultures based on sex and gender. The Women’s and Gender Studies minor emphasizes the connections between theory and practice through applied learning in internships, community projects, research, and service learning.

Students wanting to complete a minor in Women’s Studies must complete five courses. The minor is compatible with a number of majors. The following courses are required for the minor:

Women’s Studies Minor

Students will complete five courses as follows:


  • WmSt 202 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WmSt 399 WS Portfolio in Women’s Studies

Electives – Choose four courses from the following, no more than two in a single department:

  • Phil 211 Feminist Ethics
  • Phil 311 Feminist Philosophy
  • Psyc 220 Psychology of Gender
  • Hist 222 American Women’s History
  • Hist 322 Women and Gender in European History
  • Rel 225 Women and Religion in American Culture
  • Rel 260 Feminist Interpretation of the Bible
  • Eng 234 Women’s Literature, Women’s Lives
  • Thtr/Eng 235 Women and Theatre
  • Comm 275 Gender, Race, Class and Media
  • CJ 333 Sexual Violence
  • Soc 311 Women: The Struggle for Quality
  • PoSc 266 Women and politics in the U.S.

Regular semester 290/390 Special Topics courses and May Term courses may be accepted, pending administrative approval, for credit toward the minor. In addition, students can request that appropriate internships or research projects count toward the minor.

Senior Portfolios in Women’s Studies

Each student earning a Women’s Studies minor is expected to maintain and submit a portfolio by the end of their final semester containing a reflective essay addressing the goals of the Women’s Studies minor and three significant writing samples from different courses in the program.