What is German? What does it mean to be a member of a German-speaking culture? What motivates speakers of German? It may be hard to say exactly what a German speaker is, but there's one thing we know: German speakers are not typisch amerikanisch!


What German at Simpson can offer you:

  • Active use of German in and out of the classroom
  • An intercultural focus that facilitates deep understanding
  • Creative and innovative projects using the latest technology
  • Opportunity for an international internship in most fields
  • The German Semester in Schorndorf: practice living interculturally!

At Simpson, we believe that communication is key. That’s why our classes use German from the very beginning, enabling you to use your skills right away. Besides just knowing the language, though, you need to know how to understand German culture through German eyes. Thus, culture becomes the lynchpin for personal encounters with speakers of German. For this reason, all our courses are culture-based and incorporate the learning of intercultural skills. Whether our cultural “text” is a film, a picture, a conversation, a web page, a short story, a shopping bag, or a French-fry fork, we will discover how that "text" increases our understanding of the German view of life. We will learn to find the cultural intersections that can facilitate communication, and to navigate the cultural gaps that hinder it.

Learning German means living it, not only in the classroom but outside as well. Learning German at Simpson means learning to enjoy and respect the culture of others as much as one's own. Come to Simpson and learn to love and live German!



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Patricia Calkins
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