German and your career

You  can go anywhere you want by adding some German to your studies! From just a few classes to an entire major: German opens doors!

Your Future is Intercultural and International

The German Program at Simpson College can help you jump start your future, whether you intend to stay in the US, hope to work overseas, or just want to continue travel for personal enrichment.  Our focus on intercultural skills can help you work in diverse teams, be respectful to others, and inspire trust–all qualities that employers value. And our strategies for autonomous learning will help you direct your learning to achieve your goals far beyond your time at Simpson.

International Internships Get You on your Career Path

And our international internships can be the stepping-stone to your future.  In almost every major, a combination with German will open international internship possibilities for you. The more German you have the better, but some internships are available with as few as four semesters of German.  And graduate school in Germany is free.

Internships through the American Association of Teachers of German

Internships through Cultural Vistas

Studying in Germany

For help in arranging your international internship in Germany, contact Professor Calkins.