Native-speaking assistants

Noémie Maurice

Home town:  Lucey, France

Specialization:  I have an M.A. degree in English/ American Studies and Heritage Tourism. This past year, I worked as a cultural mediator in a regional library.

Hobbies:  Traveling, yoga, music, Formula-One and art.

Little-known facts about me:  (1) I am deeply passionate about Native American culture and history. (2) I think I know every Friends episode by heart. (3) I met Santa Claus in Lapland, and guess what? He speaks French!

What I want to learn about the U.S.:  I want to experience and learn more about American traditions and ways of life.  Iowa is a state that I have yet to visit, and I cannot wait to do so–it seems that the state has quite a past.


Dana Feuerstacke

Home town:  Ellrich, Germany

Specializations:  Teaching German, German as a Foreign Language, and English, particularly interested in Gender Studies, Phonetics, and German Linguistics

Hobbies:  Literature is my passion, but I am also interested in drama, dance and art.

Little-known facts about me:  (1) I am a Ravenclaw. (2) The most beautiful city I’ve ever been to is Budapest! (3) I could eat at Taco Bell every day.

What I want to learn about the U.S.:  I want to learn more about great American authors and American culture such as circumstances that fostered hip hop and R&B. I want to experience the best that Iowa has to offer!


Abi Buttigliero

Home town:  Totoras,  Santa Fe Province, Argentina

Specialization:  I am a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Specially, I am interested in linguistics and methodology.

Hobbies:  Volleyball! I have been playing this sport for 18 years now. I enjoy all kind of outdoor activities. I also like reading novels.

Little-known facts about me:  (1) I’m planning to pack “yerba mate” and all my “mate” equipment with me because I love it! (2) I am a nature lover.s

What I want to learn about the U.S.:  North American history, culture and ways of life.