Your Counselor Cole Zimmerman

Cole Zimmerman ’76

Director of Recruitment

1-800-362-2454 x1624, (515) 961-1624

Territory: -Story and Warren counties -Polk County High Schools of Bondurant Farrar, East, Lincoln, North, Dowling, Valley, Des Moines Christian, Urbandale, North Polk & Johnston -Eastern states

Hometown: Fort Madison, IA College Major: Political Science

Favorite Simpson Memory: My favorite Simpson memories would definitely be watching our athletes compete and win major events including conference championships, national playoff games and national championships.

Favorite Simpson Tradition: My favorite Simpson tradition is that on the first day new students arrive each fall, the college president gives everyone a firm handshake and says “Welcome to Simpson College.”

Simpson Insider’s Tip: My very best “take it to the bank” advice for a new Simpson student is to utilize the Hawley Academic Resource Center. Walk in their door and come out reading faster, taking better notes and studying more effectively no matter how good of a student you thought you were in high school.

“I never cease to be amazed at the levels of maturity, confidence and success our Simpson students achieve in just four short years.”