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Demi Dunn

Assistant Director of Admissions

Territory: Northwest Iowa, Colorado, & the Eastern States

Hometown: Cherokee, Iowa

College Major: Advertising

Favorite College Memory:  I spent a semester studying abroad in Sicily, Italy. Those months in Europe were some of the best in my life, and they gave me the confidence to later move and work abroad in both the Czech Republic and Germany after graduating. Academically, my semester in Italy was such a tangible learning experience; A local volcanology professor took us on a field trip to Mt. Etna, an active Sicilian volcano, giving his lecture during the hike to the top. That weekend, a few of us went back to Mt. Etna to try our hand at snowboarding (it didn’t go so well, but at least I can say I’ve snowboarded on a volcano!). In our ancient athletics class, our professor organized a reenactment of the ancient Olympic games at a local archaeological site where ancient games were once held. In our Italian culture class, we were given cooking lessons on how to make authentic Italian dishes, and we attended cultural festivals such as Carnival. We even took a field trip to the birthplace of the Italian Mafia to learn about organizations that are resisting its modern day influence. The experiences I had while abroad were so profound – not a day goes by that I don’t think about my adventures abroad and how they have shaped my life!

Simpson Insider’s Tip:  Take advantage of all the opportunities Simpson has to offer! Go on a May Term program abroad, join a couple of student organizations or clubs, ask a professor how you can get involved with a research project… the list goes on and on! The point is, find whatever interests you and go for it! This is your time to figure out what your passions are and give things a try!