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Laurie Dufoe

Director of Career Development
Laurie’s role at Simpson is to help others realize their strengths, interests, and gifts and how that best fits within the world around them.


As an undergraduate majoring in English and Psychology, the first question often asked of me was “what will you do with those majors?” At the time I attended a similar size institution to Simpson College where strong relationships with faculty and staff were the norm. Thankfully those individuals took time to get to know me and my skills and encouraged me to explore additional career ideas beyond those I was considering. That exploration process led me down the path to a Master’s Degree in Student Development in Post-secondary Education from The University of Iowa. I spent five years advising UI students on career directions and sharing job search strategies. Since that time, I have spent time in a variety of fields including education, social work and business. These experiences sharpened my focus on what success is to me – investing in the lives of others. I am thankful to assist Simpson College students discover how their liberal arts education and unique gifts may be utilized to contribute to the world.






Strengths Coach

Major and Career Exploration

Internship and Job Search





Student Impact Award, 2015





M.A. in Student Development in Postsecondary Education, University of Iowa, 1996

M.A. Thesis: Students’ Perceptions of Basic Skills Gained While Attending Two and Four-year Institutions Compared with Employers’ Needs from Graduates


B.A. in English and Psychology with emphasis in Education, Coe College, 1994