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Marty Feeney

Adjunct Professor of Multimedia Communications, Head Speech and Debate Coach
I bring cyberspace immortality and a kooky spin to the Speech/Debate Team. I bring Mason jars and candy bars to my classes. I bring Boston with no accent. I bring a carousel of speech event creativity without the plaster horses. I leave classroom clichés and busy work outside the door.


Film History/Film Criticism
Media History/Criticism
To obliterate the unwitting and unquestioning
acceptance and absorption of our ubiquitous symbolic environment

Market the Speech/Debate team on social media platforms
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication

Small Group Communication
Television Criticism: The X-Files
Conceived/Designed/Edited CentralMania.com

Directed 22 plays including:
Fiddler on the Roof
Guys and Dolls
Miracle on 34th Street
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Actor Highlights
It’s a Wonderful Life
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner



New England Drama Association “Best Play” for 18th Noel
Published by Samuel Baker
Original Plays Produced: The Great White Hunter, Hotel California
Wrote and Directed 10 plays for Summer Upward Bound Program


4 Speech Event National Champions
16 State Champions
11 Top 10 National Tournament finishes
ENERGY Award from Central College


Iowa Senior Olympian
104 Medals
Gold medal
5-mile Capitol Pursuits Race
Bronze medal
5K Klompen Classic
Dam to Dam 20K survivor

Honor man (highest GPA) in Submarine Service boot camp



Ph.D. and MA
Bowling Green University

Boston College

The Art of Rhetorical Criticism Toward the 21st Century:
Film, Rock Music, and The Novel

MA Thesis
Ms. Magazine: A Rhetorical Anti-Vision


Research Paper and Publications

The PBS Battle Over Citizen Kane VS RKO 281: Narrative and Rhetorical Points of View — A Wellesian Magic Trick
National Film and History Conference

Nurturing the Film Criticism Garden: From Agee to Simon to Ebert to Kael to Rotten Tomatoes.com-Botanical Dreams and Rhetorical Nightmares
Presented at the Midwest Popular Culture Conference
St. Louis

Why I Teach at a Small College…
Iowa Private College Week

Integrating 21st Century Classroom Media Strategies and Segments into The Blackboard Jungle
Central College Symposium


Dreams in a Hat Box, Cactus Rose on a Coffin: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance-A Cinema of Splendor in the Dust
Presented at the American West Film, Television and History Conference
Kansas City

A Gender Romp with the Last Tango in Film Criticism: Notes on The Sassy Eloquence and Savage Laughter of Pauline Kael
Presented at the Southwest Popular Culture Conference

The Endless Summer-Beach Blanket Bingo to Point Break: An Epistemology of Cinema Surfing Culture 1959-1991
Presented at the Northeast Popular Culture Conference
Springfield College in Massachusetts

Traces of Strauss, the Ringstrasse, Vienna Rock, and the Last Footfall of Harry Lime: The Third Man-A Cinema of Postwar Beauty
Presented at the Southwest Popular Culture Conference

The Unbearable Lightness of Relationships: Interpersonal Maintenance Beyond Cyberspace, the Workplace, and the ESPN Zone
Presented to the Central College staff and employees (Two sessions)

Navigating the Currents in Touch of Evil: Orson Wells Adrift in the Last Noir, Afloat in the Milky White 50s
Presented at the Southwest Popular Culture Conference

The Art of Criticism Toward the 21st Century-Art for Art's Sake: Interpreting Rock Music, the Novel and Film
Presented at the National Popular Culture Convention
San Antonio

Sliding Down the Slippery Slope of Snow Globes and Pleasure Domes - Traces of Rosebud: Investigating 55 Years of Meditations, Ruminations, Translations...”
Presented at the 23rd Annual Midwest Popular Culture Conference
Bowling Green University

The Unbearable Heaviness of Life, Death, and Justice in NYPD Blue: An Anomaly of Sweet Sounds Amid the Urban Wreckage
Presented at the National Popular Culture Association Convention
Las Vegas,

Indecent Exposure, Gutter Obscenities, Gratuitous Violence, Unholy Copulation: Investigating the Prime-Time Cultural Battleground of NYPD Blue - A Case for the Defense
Presented at the Great Plains Popular Culture Conference
Morningside College

Chalking the NYPD Blue Waste Land: T.S. Eliot's Psychological Fiction Amok in the 15th Precinct
Presented at the Southwest Popular Culture Conference
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Most Recent Workshop Presentation:
IMT Insurance/Spring 2017
The Broom Closet: Misunderstanding and Its Remedy (2 sessions)