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Molly O'Neill

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Southwest Iowa, Nebraska, & the Dakotas 

Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa

College Major: Business Administration 

Favorite College Memory: One of my favorite college memories was definitely my freshman year, living in the dorms. This year was all about meeting new people. I remember always keeping my door open the first week, and walking up and down the hall meeting people from all over. The people that I met that year are still the same people that I keep in contact with, and even call my best friends to this day! We would get a group of people together and attend football games, or on campus events. There were a lot of memories and friendships made!

What I love about Simpson: I love the opportunities that Simpson has to offer! For example, participating in a May Term. Either it be taking an on campus class, picking up an internship, or deciding to do a program abroad. I think all three options are a great way for students to broaden their education, and a great way to experience something new!