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Murphy Waggoner

George Washington Carver Chair in Natural Sciences / Department Chair of Mathematics / Professor of Mathematics
B.S., Mathematics, Arkansas Tech University, 1981
M.S., Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, 1988
Ed.D., Teaching College Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, 1994
B.A., Spanish, Simpson College, 2009
Hi.  My name is Murphy Waggoner, and I have been a professor at Simpson since 1992.  I’m a mathematician, and my interests are teaching and applications of mathematics.  Lately I have been involved with combining my love of math and my love of art.  I have taught Mathematics of Art three times and had a great time.  I hope the students did, too, and I can’t wait to teach it again.

In 2009 I finished a Spanish degree as well (so I am a Simpson grad!)  I strengthened my Spanish speaking and listening skills while leading a group of students on a semester abroad to Argentina in Spring 2014.

I also have a passion for reading and writing.  I maintain a book blog with over 350 posts I have written about books I have read in the past decade.  I also write teaching support materials for college mathematics teaching.  Here is one of them.  Feel free to borrow.

A blog on applications of linear algebra.

I hope I get a chance to meet you on campus.  My office is Carver Science Hall.  Stop by sometime and introduce yourself!