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Sonja Crain

Student Support Services Academic Support Coordinator


When told to forget the number 107, why is it nearly impossible to do?  Why do children typically grow out of ear infections? Why does one’s behavior change when with different groups of people?  Why is talking on the cell phone while driving more dangerous than talking to a passenger?  Questioning, investigating, and discovering are what the field of psychology is all about.  Perhaps that’s why, with its great diversity of topics, Psychology has had me hooked from my first introduction to it in high school.  And, why I have enjoyed teaching Psychology for so many years since then!

Along with my background in Social Psychology, I have studied the areas of Developmental Psychology and Health Psychology.  I am particularly interested in the topics of children’s health, the growing rates of behavior-related illnesses, and the sub-field of Positive Psychology.  Originally from the Chicago area, I have lived in Iowa for the past 25 years and have found it to be a great place for young adults and families!