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Tracy Dinesen

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Retention
Dr. Dinesen brings an expertise in Spain and contemporary culture studies and gender studies to the World Language and Culture Studies Department. She also studies future trends in higher education and uses this knowledge to help all Simpson College students succeed and successfully graduate in her role as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.


Tracy Dinesen serves as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs aiding all students at Simpson College to persist to graduation by coordinating retention and student success efforts across the college. She is a mentor, teacher, and advisor that enjoys working closely with students from all backgrounds and identities. Dr. Dinesen assists students in learning more about their personal strengths and working purposefully to achieve their goals. She is passionate about Spain and Spanish culture and she incorporates projects, creative ideas and rich cultural interactions into her classes.



  • Intercultural Communication
  • Iberian Peninsula Studies
  • Culture Studies
  • Contemporary Fiction in Spain
  • Gender Studies 
  • Future of Higher Education and the Liberal Arts
  • Student Success and Persistence


  • 2015 Exemplary Teaching Award, Simpson College and the United Methodist Church
  • 2013 Best of Iowa for “Teaching Culture From Day 1,” Iowa World Language Association
  • 2018 Senior Leadership Academy Member, Council of Independent Colleges


  • Ph.D. in Spanish, Texas Tech University, 2006
    • Dissertation: The Spanish Female Detective: A Study of Petra Delicado and the Evolution of a Spanish Female Professional Sleuth
  • M.A.in Spanish, University of North Texas, 2000
  • B.A. in Spanish, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1998



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