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Allison Wolf

Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Michigan State University (2004)
MA in Philosophy, Michigan State University (1999)
BA in Philosophy, Brandeis University, with Honors, Cum Laude (1997)

My name is Allison Wolf and I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy here at Simpson College.  Though I grew up in Los Angeles, I chose to go to the East Coast for college, where I earned her B.A. from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, in Philosophy.  From there, I went to the Great Lakes and earned my Masters degree and Ph.D. in philosophy from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.  There I specialized in Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy, focusing on medical ethics and feminist ethics/philosophy.  My research continue to focus in those areas.  Recently, I have published an article on potential responses to health care injustices arising from homophobia in medicine in the anthology, Queer Philosophy published as part of Rodopi’s Value Inquiry Book Series .  In addition, as article I co-authored (with Jennifer Benson) on the ways in which new mothers have been wrongly ignored in childbirth literature has recently been published in Philosophical Inquiries into Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Mothering: Maternal Subjects as part of Routledge’s Series in Contemporary Philosophy.  Currently, my research includes feminist ethics, medical ethics (especially issues in the ethics of childbirth), the ethics and globalization and development (especially in the context of Latin America and Costa Rica in particular), and the philosophy of race.  To that end, I am working on a chapter on “Feminism and Bioethics” for a new encyclopedia, reviewing a new book on childbirth ethics for the American Philosophical Association’s Feminism and Philosophy Newsletter, as well as on a series of articles on ethical issues in childbirth.  I am also open to bringing students in on these projects.

In addition to my passion for teaching philosophy, I am very committed to helping students increase their philosophical abilities and knowledge by studying internationally.  Before coming to Simpson, I assisted on a Study Abroad program in Costa Rica, which focused on Costa Rica’s health care system and related issues in medical ethics.  Since coming to Simpson, I have led 3 May Term courses in Ethics of Globalization in Costa Rica, and plan on leading another in May 2014.  Most recently, I also lead a Study Abroad semester in Argentina.  I look forward to expanding the Study Abroad offerings of the philosophy department in years to come.

I am very interested in helping students challenge themselves and broaden their personal and professional horizons through the study and application of philosophy and ethics.  I want students to do more than just study what philosophers have said; I want students to do philosophy.  That is one of many reasons that I worked with my colleague John Pauley to create both the philosophy minor with a concentration in ethics and the major in Applied Philosophy (the only one in the state of Iowa).  I became a philosopher because I wanted to better understand the world so that I could help create solutions to the problems facing our world; I want to help students do the same by learning to ask their own questions, do their own research, and propose their own philosophically sound ideas.  I do this my teaching, advising, community service and campus service projects.  I enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to work with students of all backgrounds and interests who like to learn, be challenged and explore themselves and their world.

Please contact me to talk further and find out how the Simpson College Philosophy Department, can provide you the opportunities you need to design your own goals, ask your own questions, and succeed at meeting your goals.  Here’s how you can reach me:

By email: allison.wolf@simpson.edu

By phone: 515-961-1223