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Nicolas Rey-Le Lorier

Assistant Professor of Physics, Society of Physics Students Adviser, Bryan Summer Research Program Adviser (2018)
Nicolas Rey-Le Lorier brings his enthusiasm for teaching and discovery to everything he does at the Physics and Engineering Department at Simpson College, whether it's teaching a class or working on research projects with students on theoretical and computational physics.


Nicolas Rey-Le Lorier discovered a passion for teaching while in graduate school at Cornell University. After graduating he immediately moved to Iowa to work at Simpson College, where he teaches introductory and advanced classes in all areas of physics. His field of research is in theoretical and computational methods in high energy physics, where he tries to build models and design approaches to understand the fundamental particles and interactions of nature.



-Quantum Field Theory

-Dark Matter

-High Energy Collider Physics

-Elementary Particles and Interactions



PhD., Cornell University, 2016

M.S., University of Montréal, 2011

B.S., University of Montréal, 2009


Recent Publications

Elastically Decoupling Dark Matter, E. Kuflik, M. Perelstein, N. Rey-Le Lorier, and Y. Tsai, Phys. Rev. Lett.

116, 221302 (2016)

From S-confinement to 3D Chiral Theories: Dressing the Monopoles, A. Amariti, C. Csáki, M. Martone, and N. Rey-Le Lorier, Phys. Rev. D. 93, 105027 (2016)

Higgs Couplings and Naturalness, M. Farina, M. Perelstein and N. Rey-Le Lorier, Phys. Rev. D. 90, 015014 (2014)