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Research and Creativity Symposium

Showcase your work and celebrate the work of others

At Simpson, you will dive into new ideas and discover what you're passionate about. Each spring, we honor that discovery at the annual Research and Creativity Symposium. It's a day set aside for students, faculty and staff to come together and celebrate the outstanding student work that's taken place during the year.

Research at Simpson is multi-disciplinary

During the event, you will find presentations from the sciences, humanities, theatre, athletics, music and more. Students share their experience through posters, papers, performances and panel discussions where they present their knowledge in a scholarly, supportive environment that thrives on inquisitiveness and interaction.

Why does this matter?
At Simpson College, research is highly valued and emphasized across all disciplines. Experiencing the research process, communicating the findings publicly and fielding questions is great preparation for any career or graduate school. It's also one of the most effective methods of helping students learn.

Projects may involve inquiry, design, creation, investigation, research, analysis, discovery, application, writing and/or performance. The important things research can teach are the skills and habits you learn and can utilize down the road.