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Speech, Debate and Mock Trial Scholarship Application

Application Deadline: February 1st, 2020

Below please list all speech, debate, mock trial, and public speaking activities.

In addition to eligibility based upon past performance, students are invited to audition for scholarships. There are three components to the on-campus audition: 

  1. Before arranging the details of the campus visit with admissions, the student should ensure that the speech coach is available during the dates under consideration. The audition process takes a minimum of one hour. For more information, please contact Deano Pape @ deano.pape@simpson.edu
  2. Interview: Talk about your past experiences, what you have learned from the activity, and your expectations for the college experience;
  3. Performance: Share one or more events, which may include interpretation of literature, acting, public speaking, or limited preparation;
  4. Coaching: Respond to feedback, incorporate suggestions into your performance, and answer questions about your material.