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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy and Applied Philosophy


Taking a philosophy class could change your life

Most of our philosophy students choose the major after coming to college. They are so intrigued by a first-year class that they want to know more. Philosophy minors are also popular.

Philosophy majors discover many ways to get involved

Our majors are leaders on campus and look for ways to use their problem-solving skills in a variety of areas.


What can I do with a philosophy degree?

Philosophy provides all students with a necessary skill-set to succeed in a wide variety of careers: critical and analytical thinking, argumentative writing and detailed reading comprehension. Consider these facts:

  • Students studying philosophy have the highest mean scores on the Verbal and Analytical Writing sections of the GRE.
  • Philosophy better preps students for the GMAT than even a degree in business.
  • With the exception of physics and mathematics majors, philosophy student scores surpass those of all other majors on the LSAT.

Employers and graduate schools want students who can think critically and write with precision. Simpson produces them.

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