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Student Ambassadors

Let us show you around

Meet the current Simpson students who will be your personal guides around campus

Planning a visit to campus? Meet your Simpson College Student Ambassadors! Our Student Ambassadors are excited to welcome you to campus and share with you their stories and experiences. Hope to see you soon!

Andrew Dunn '21
 Spirit Lake, IA
Major & Minor: Political Science & Economics
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson for its outstanding debate team and the opportunities that the Culver Fellowship offered me"

Annemarie McCormick '19
 Polk City, IA
Major: Elementary Education with endorsements in Social Studies, Reading, English, & Early Childhood
Why I Chose Simpson? "Simpson felt like my home away from home."

Blake Carlson '20
 Spencer, IA
Majors & Minor: Public Relations & Theatre, minor Arts Management
Why I Chose Simpson? "The professional relationships that I have developed with my professors which are distinctly found here. They have connected me to people and organizations that will lead me to incredible future opportunities."

Caitlyn Johnson '21
 Dallas, TX
Major: Biology
Why I Chose Simpson? "I picked Simpson as my new home because of the small campus and close net community. I loved the school spirit, and the scholarships helped convince me as well."

Charlie Cross '20
 Des Moines, IA
Major & Minors: International Relations, minors in French, German, & Religion
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I look forward to getting to interact with more students! I want to give more tours this year!"

Cole Tramp '20
 Ankeny, IA
Major & Minor: Accounting with a minor in Management Information Systems
Simpson Involvement: Sigma Alpha Epsilon & Shooting Sports Club

Daniel Goldsmith '20
 Tiffin, IA
Major & Minor: Biology with a minor in Chemistry
Favorite Simpson Tradition? "Stand around is a favorite event of mine. There is not a better way to kick off the new semester than getting to have the opportunity to reconnect with friends after summer as well as making new friends."

David Goldsmith '20
 Tiffin, IA
Major: Neuroscience
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because of the community - the campus just felt like home."

Emily Bell '21
 Aurora, CO
Major: Business Management
What I Am Looking Forward To This Year? "I'm looking most forward to meeting new people and trying new things. I can't wait to go to all the sporting events and explore all the opportunities Simpson has to offer!"

Emily Sassman '20
 Waverly, IA
Major & Minors: Business Management with minors in Health Services Leadership & Human Resources
Favorite Simpson Memory? "My favorite Simpson memory is going through Greek recruitment my freshman year. It was fun to meet tons of new people and form bonds with the girls in Pi Phi and in my gamma group."

Emma Schlenker '19
 Phoenix, AZ
Major: Public Relations
Favorite Simpson Tradition? "My favorite Simpson tradition is Homecoming and Yell Like Hell. Being a part of the cheer team and other campus groups, the event brings everyone together and creates a really exciting atmosphere."

Erayle Amacker '20
 Houston, TX
Majors & Minor: Vocal Performance & Music Education with a minor in Arts Management
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because of its individualized education which provides for a challenging, unique, and opportunistic environment."

Erin Magoffie '20
 Anthem, AZ
Majors & Minors: English & Political Science with minors in Biology & French
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I'm looking forward to studying in Tahiti this spring!"

Genevieve Block '20
 Pahoa, HI
Major & Minor: Actuarial Science with a minor in Computer Science
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I am looking forward to the service day at Simpson. It' a super fun day with great people. I get to hang out with friends and do something productive!"

Georgia Porter '21
 Melbourne, IA
Major & Minor: Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because of the beautiful buildings, welcoming staff, reassuring resources, and great atmosphere!"

Jaycie Eaton '19
 Armstrong, IA
Major: Elementary Education with Endorsements in Spanish, Coaching, Reading, & Special Education
Favorite Simpson Memory? "My favorite Simpson memory occurred my freshman year. I had just moved into my dorm and decided to plan a big game night with other girls on my floor. There was so much fun and laughter, and I met so many new and wonderful people. Some of these girls are now some of my closest friends, teammates, and roommates as well now!"

Jeramy Randol '21
 Panora, IA
Major: Sports Administration
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because of the friendly atmosphere and the closeness of home. Those were two main factors when making my college decision and Simpson fulfilled both of those qualities."

Jess Tometich '19
 Grimes, IA
Majors: Criminal Justice & Psychology
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because it felt like home from the beginning of my very first visit on campus. The people here are family, and everyone is so welcoming."

Kaitlyn Klommhaus '19
 Diagonal, IA
Majors: Psychology & Spanish
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because it felt very welcoming and like a family. I came from a small school so I really valued that."

Katie Bucklin '20
: Ankeny, IA
Major & Minor: Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I am excited to have more leadership opportunities as a Chemistry teaching assistant and as the Vice President of Alpha Lamda Delta."

Kaylee Grabarkewitz '21
 Grand Rapids, MN
Majors & Minor: Biochemistry & Neuroscience with a minor in Forensic Science
Favorite Simpson Tradition? "My favorite Simpson tradition so far is the welcome ceremony where freshman walk as a class through the gates to symbolize their start at Simpson. I like this because it is a big turning point in a person's life and it should be remembered."

Kelli Hanson '21
 St. Peter, MN
Major: Exercise Science
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because I liked the small size, while still being close to a large city. Also, the academics and athletics are a great fit for me.

Kimberly Roberts '21
 Indianola, IA
Major & Minors: Elementary Education with endorsements in English & ReadingFavorite Simpson Memory: "My favorite memory about Simpson is just walking on campus for the first time by myself. I could truly see myself coming here."

Landon Braun '19
 Jefferson, IA
Major & Minor: Psychology with a minor in Biology
Favorite Simpson Memory? "My favorite Simpson memory is the countless hours I've spent on the basketball court playing sports and fostering friendships. I know the friendships and relationships I've built will carry on beyond my time at Simpson."

Meara Moore '19
 Indianola, IA
Majors: Biology (Pre-Med)
Why I Chose Simpson? "My dad went here, it was close to home, and I love the campus.

Molly Sheehan '21
 Marblehead, MA
Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: Shooting Sports Club

Morgan Frideres '19
 Algona, IA
Major & Minors: Public Relations with minors in Psychology & Sociology
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I'm looking forward to meeting even more people this year and showing prospective students everything Simpson has to offer because I love Simpson and want others to as well!"

Patricia Telthorst '21
 Kansas City, KS
Major: Physics or Actuarial Science
Favorite Simpson Tradition? "So far, Stand Around is my favorite Simpson memory. I met a lot of new people, and I had so much fun dancing with my friends and eating the free ice cream!"

Payton Miller '20
 Lakeville, MN
Major & Minor: Sports Administration with a minor in Business Management
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson over other schools because on my visit, it felt like all the little details that would've made the experience better were done. Also everybody was so nice, made eye contact with me, and wanted to have a conversation with me."

Rachel Miller '20
 New Providence, IA
Major: History
Favorite Simpson Memory? "My May Term experience my freshman year when I went to 3 countries in Europe for a class on WWII. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am forever grateful for the chance to see the world."

Sam Adeniyi '20
 Roseville, MN
Major & Minors: Computer Science with minors in Computer Information Systems & Coaching
Favorite Simpson Memory? "I went on an a mission trip for spring break to Florida during my freshman year! It was a really cool experience, I hope to do it again."

Sam Schlegel '21
 Longmont, CO
Major & Minors: Physical Education with minors in Clinical Health Sciences & Coaching
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I'm most looking forward to meeting other people and taking in the whole college experience. I'm looking forward to playing basketball and bringing a sense of energy to everything I take part in."

Samantha Hafermann '20
: Goodell, IA
Major & Minor: English with a minor in Secondary Education
Why I Chose Simpson? "I chose Simpson because of the beautiful campus and its proximity to Des Moines. I went to a small high school, so I was excited to be at a small, inviting, campus but still have the option of heading to the city."

Thomas Mussig '21
 Gladbrook, IA
Major & Minor: Pre-Engineering with a minor in Business Management
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? "I am looking forward to meeting as many people as possible. I feel like meeting people is the best part of college."

Carter Stacey ‘21
: Lawrence, KS
Majors & Minors: English & Political Science with a minor in Women & Gender Studies
What Am I Looking Forward To This Year? “I look forward to my classes because I know I’m going to learn many things & grow as a person. This is nerdy, but I love learning & my education is important to me.”

Erinn McCann ‘21
 Greenfield, IA
Major & Minor: Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice
Favorite Simpson Tradition: “Yell Like Hell is such a fantastic Simpson tradition during Homecoming time! You never get bored! You can’t be sad during Red & Gold Week!”