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1860 Club

Annual Report 2018-2019

Individuals who contributed $125 to $249 to The Simpson Fund during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Thomas R. and Maryann Erdmann Ackerman
David R. and Tabetha McCormick Albrecht
Philip G. and Linda Allen
Donna Anderson
Paul Bohlig and Margaret Aten
Donald and Rosalie Rabe Babcock
Rev. Dennis and Nancy Bailey
Samuel M. Baker
Christine M. Baughman
Chuck A. Beach
Kristen Waltrip Benge
Brent and Denise Schulze Beyer
Dr. and Mrs. Krey A. Bixby
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Blake
Terry and Karen Pfeiffer Blevins
Kyle J. and Margaret B. Bottorff
James and Cindy Bradley
J. Ernest and Rebecca D. Breeding
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Brobst
David R. and Nicole Crouse Brown
Stephen R. and Nancy Summers Brown
Richard Grosshauser and Marilyn Brubaker
Jeffrey Bruns
George and Robin Buthmann
Michael W. and Jolene Erickson Butler
Maj. Neil D. and Bernice Bys
Ron Smith and Mary Jane Cassady
Dr. Tak D. and Co-Ming Chan
Sam J. and Debra Chiodo
Daniel J. and Jennifer Veach Clark
Adam W. and Kay Chopard Cohen
Daniel E. and Loretta Alcorn Collins
Berneil S. and Andrea Colorado
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Cooper
Brian B. and Patty Coppess
Neil R. and Phyllis Brown Covert
Dr. John J. and Kay Greubel Croat
William and Kimberly Berg Cronk
Steven K. and Donna Ford Crow
Jerry Dalmas and Diana Nordboe
Howard D. and Lois Black Davis
Anthony J. and Jill De Laubenfels
Michele M. De Mayo
Dr. James T. Demetrion
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Denniston
Steve and Karen Rowland Dilling
Duane and Beverly Theede Dirks
Edwin C. and Janet Mease Downs
Marci Perschall Duncan
Keith M. Ellingson
Matthew E. and Sara Bieker English
Mrs. Gertrude Carley Ensign
Chad and Jessica Shell Ervin
Dr. Donald Evans
Ingrid Evers
Mr. and Mrs. Graham B. Every
Suzanne Warren Fagen
Gerald L. and Janice Meadows Farley
Megan M. Farnsworth
Arthur S. and Gloria A. Filean
Nancy A. Follmar
Mary M. Fortune
Mr. James F. Fowler
Rev. Donald D. and Velma Frank
Jan Frank-de Ois
Jeff and Kammie Parkhurst Friese
Jane Dale Fritz
Lila Fusaro
Ken Fuson
Paul and Barbara Kreutzer Gabriel
Charles L. Garmen
Lyn M. Garner
Erin M. Gentz
Scott P. and Melissa Kramer Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Don Gingerich
Mary Jensen Glaser
Scott and Tricia McCoy Gonyo
Marylin Gorham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham Jr.
Kelley M. Gray
Paul L. and June B. Gregory
Dr. Ian R. and Tina Grover
Jacob and Amber Vrbsky Hamilton
Geraldine Hamlen
Scott Hansen
Dr. CoryAnne Harrigan
Ms. Mary Barker Harris
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hedges
John D. Hepola
Marc and Ginger Hermon
Brenda Jensen Heston
Thomas R. and Pamela Himstreet
Leonard C. and Benita M. Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Hocking Jr.
Roger and Dalene Goodwin Holland
Calista Montag Hospodarsky
Cynthia S. Houghan
Kristy Schoneboom Houghton
Capt. Merlen F. and Judith Meloy Howe
Scott A. and Maureen Wallin Huisinga
Marion E. and Nancy B. James
Dr. and Mrs. Craig T. January
Charles R. and Marilyn Drury Johnson
Rachel G. Jones
Mitch and Terri Curnes Jones
Ron A. Joslin*
Susan Ervin Judkins
Richard and Sharman Tannatt Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kielkopf
Matthew A. and Jill Schwanke Kiger
Mary C. Killam
Douglas Kingsbury
Phillip Rush and Dr. Susan E. Klepp
Timothy R. and Sherry Kent Kluender
Lee and Eileen Kolbo
Kae J. Koski
David C. Elliott and Marie Kresse
Nancy Lancaster
Alan and Jane Lankford
Guy A. Leman
Rev. and Mrs. Duane A. Lookingbill
Joshua B. Ludwig
Alvin and Barbara Anderson Lund
Brooke E. Lund
Robert D. and Mary Carpenter MacKenzie
Kerry J. and Donna Firkins Mackerley
Stuart W. McKee
Paul Kreger and Elizabeth McLaren
Frank and Claudia Cole Meek
Ms. Betty D. Meeker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mihel
Amy Kluender Miller
Don and Marcia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Moore
Roy W. and Susan Blakely Moses
Dr. Marilyn K. Mueller
Troy J. and Catherine Tuttle Murphy
Rodney and Susan Nelson Nelsen
Levi and Emily Beckmann Nichols
Ken and Debra Wolf Nickless
Robert D. and Susan Nutgrass
Sandra Osen
Richard and Betsy McCormac Patterson
Larry and Dorothy Stevens Perkins
Gerald and Joyce Peterson
Jennifer Pfeifer-Malaney
Kendra Waddingham Pottebaum
Mr. Herbert O. Preis
Aimee Haag Price
Dr. Nick Proctor
Carl W. and Norma McBride Pullen
Ronald R. and Shelley Raney
David R. and Mary A. Rasmussen
Joe E. Reece
Cheryl D. Ring
Dr. H. Maxine Robinson
Marilyn Rodgers
Jeffrey and Kelly Roen
Randy J. and Annette M. Roth
Lindsay R. Saunders
Jody Petersen Shaffer
Mark S. and Maribeth Knott Schillerstrom
Jack R. and Jill Peterson Schreiber
Mrs. Dorraine Schuling
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Shackelford
Dr. Craig and Kimberly Shadur
Erica Shannon Shannon Stueve
Cary M. and Jane Lauritzen Shapiro
Jack P. and Cynthia Sherman
Jack and Janet Augustine* Siefkas
Tom and Linda Sinclair
Tom and Reahnna Hilbrand Singleton
John F. and Ginger Sirianni
Nathan and Laurie Perschau Skjerseth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Snook
Kyle and Kristi Beltramea Snow
Herman J. and Kay Garrotto Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Stary Jr.
C. Max and Virginia Josey Stover
Craig and Laura Schillerstrom Strayer
Susan Evans Strong
Mrs. Donna Gross Terry
Mr. and Mrs. W. Joshua Tetzlaff
Jeffrey and Seleta Bainter Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Thomas
Rita Thompson
Adrianne Ames Thornburgh
Laraine D. Thulin
James S. and Linda Mains Tutt
Gary L. Valen and Betsy Lyman
Nick Vanderpool, III
Beth Ann Walker
Jack E. and Nancy A. Walker
Jacqueline Smith Walkwitz
Dwight D. and Nancy Minert Weed
Derek C. Weimer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Weisheit
Jerry R. and Beverly Myers Wetzel
Jeremy and Nicolle Whalen
Walter L. and Susan Foster White
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. White
David and Diana Schuetz Whitlow
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Whitsell
Perry L.* and Karen Wilkins
David T. Williams
Larry and Leola Eddy Wright
Gary J. Wuebker
Butch and Carol Worlan Young
Jeff and Mary Young
Benjamin A. and Vonnie Zenti