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Alumni Association Board of Directors Project

Annual Report 2018-2019

In addition to giving generously of their time and talents, the following members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors made a gift to The Simpson Fund during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  Each year, the alumni board also selects a special project to support.  This year, the board members elected to fund the Alumni Board Legacy Scholarship, a $1,000 per year award that is presented to an incoming first-year legacy student.  The members contributing to these special projects in addition to the 2018-2019 Simpson Fund have an * following their names.

Jonathan C. Bailey '06*
Buddy R. Boulton '94*
Kathryn Goodwin Brackney '71
Benjamin J. Campney '83
Sam J. Chiodo '79
Brooke Christofferson '96
Jenna Simpson Davidson '07
Saul L. Davis '79
Kyle D. Doyle '05
Keith L. Edmonds '83
David A. Farnsworth '99
Brianne Trease Fitzgerald '02
Brady A. Fry '15
Terry W. Handley '09
Paul S. Hengesteg '99
Jack A. Jetmund '83*
Carrie Brannen Kruse '06
Guy A. Leman '99
Michelle Archibald Leonard '02
Emily Beckmann Nichols '09
Kaela Phillips '06*
Steven A. Ramsey '11
Barbara Barker Rauch '72
Dr. Thomas C. Shandley '75
Erica Shannon Stueve '09
James C. Spooner '82
Dr. Chad W. Timm '95