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Annual Report 2018-2019

Friends of Simpson College who contributed to The Simpson Fund during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

P - Presidents’ Society, $1,000+
R - Red & Gold Club, $500-$999
W - Whispering Maples Club, $250-$499
C - 1860 Club, $125-$249
Donors, $1-$124

       Kedron Bardwell
       Ken and Jan Beane
       Luke A. and Leslie Behaunek
W   Allen R. and Judith McBride Bentley
P    Martha S. Berryhill
       Dr. and Mrs. John H. Bolen
W   Dr. Jacqueline Brittingham
       Dr. J. Robert and Christine Burkhart
C    George and Robin Buthmann
P     Dr. John W. and Nancy Byrd
       Dr. Patricia Calkins
P     James S. and Patty Cownie
W   Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Crittenden
       Nicole J. Darling
C     Dr. James T. Demetrion
P     Kent and Victoria Eaton
C     Dr. Donald Evans
R     Dr. Janet Everhart and Janet Ratliff
R     Marty Feeney
C     Lila Fusaro
C     Ken Fuson
W    Sheila Gause
        Jeff Gibbens
        Dr. and Mrs. William H. Gilbert
        Ms. Karla Gilson
P     Jeff Greteman
R     Mrs. Julia Hagen
C     Dr. CoryAnne Harrigan
        Adam J. Haselhuhn
P     Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Hubbell
        Rae A. Inge
C     Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kielkopf
P     Thomas and Linda Koehn
P     Drs. Werner Kolln and Murphy Waggoner
W    Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Lancaster
        Alexandra Lappe
P      Timothy Wilson and Dr. Heidi Levine
W    Rod and Angie McKelvey
        Jamesina McLeod
R     Terry and Barb McMurry
R     Dr. Sarah A. Meyers
C     Don and Marcia Miller
P     George D. and Deb Milligan
       David A. Mohler
P     Dr. Joe K. and Barbara Moody
C    Dr. Marilyn K. Mueller
P    Nick and Lizz Nichols
      Dean and Carol Phillips
      Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Pratt
C    Mr. Herbert O. Preis
C    Dr. Nick Proctor
      Rich and Barb Ramos
      Mr. and Mrs. Clark Raney
P    Charles E. Rohm
      Nathan Roling
      Mark F. and Leila Schlenker
P    Dr. Mary Sconiers-Chapman
C    Dr. Craig and Kimberly Shadur
P    Dennis R. and Luana Shull
W  Jillian Sievel
      Mr. and Mrs. Neale A. Sinclair
W  Richard J. and Dr. Patricia A. Singer
      Eleanor J. Smith
      Ms. Bobbi Sullivan
      Robert and Jule Thorsen
P   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Urban
      Dr. Marvin R. and Lois Van Wyk
W  Dr. Jon E. and Margaret Vernon
      Judith A. Walden
W  Spencer A. and Sinikka Waugh
P    Fred W. and Emily Weitz
      Richard Widman
R    Jay and Sharon Wilkinson
P    John Wilson
P    Sumner and Karen Worth