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Memorial Gifts

Annual Report 2017-2018

Gifts were made to Simpson College during the 2017-2018 fiscal year in memory of the following persons:

Joe F. Blake ‘71
Jack L. Blazek ‘56
Georgia Josey Boyd  ‘37
Elinor Sundberg Gilbert ‘43
Marynetta Leitch Grant ‘48
Maxine Gunzenhauser Grunden ‘60
Brad C. Guill ‘02
Jacob A. Hartvigsen ‘17
Donna J. Helble ‘71
Julie Flora Hill ‘65
Grace Moist Hudson ‘36
Ethel Lindsay Hunt ‘22
Charles S. Lindsay ‘28
Justin S. Martin ‘15
Patricia F. Miller ‘70
Mabel Brown Moist 1906
Mary E. Moist ‘38
Mary S. Morrison
Paul M. Nash ‘60
James B. Nelson ‘55
Jerry D. Oliver ‘66
A. Kellam Rigler ‘50
Lorraine Rorick
Raymond N. Rorick ‘25
Charlotte Schlenker
Daniel G. Seaton ‘32
Herman Snider, Jr. ‘60
Alice Moist Stiner ‘43
Bonnie Wright VanBuren ‘63
Joseph W. Walt

New funds were established during 2017-2018 with gifts in memory of the following persons:

Glen E. Dalton ‘70
    Royal T. Corbin

Connie Duncan
    Bruce and Sheryl Guill

Bernice Gallo
    Bruce and Sheryl Guill

Peter J. Hadley ‘61
    Suzanne Hadley

Natalie Skogsbergh Hansen ‘50
    Maxine Weinman

R. Melvin Henderson
    Doug Blews
    The English Speaking Union of the US KC Branch
    Edward Gaulrapp
    Bob and Becky Lane
    Jane Kvetko and Stan Malless
    Barbara Micheal
    Donn Stanley and Debra Moore
    Jim and Carole Tanner
    Maxine Weinman
    Charles Wetzler

Carol Petersen Iverson ‘56
    Stephen and Georgene Raver

Robert S. Jensen
    Bruce and Sheryl Guill

Robert W. Kem
    Terry Lillis

Robert J. Michels
    Judy Michels

Wayne Parker
    Bruce and Sheryl Guill

Ralph F. Schlenker
    Jerry and Susan Anderson
    Russell and Marjorie Bees
    David and Beverly Blaha
    Dixie Bowlin
    John and Christine Burkhart
    Bob and Ardene Downing
    Mary Geiger
    J. Paul Glahn
    Darrell and Eve Goodhue
    Chuck and Barbara Grassley
    Walter and Florence Gustafson
    Fred and Sarah Haberman
    Joe and Carrie Hall
    Dwight and Pat Hicks
    Legacy Asset Management Inc.
    Louis and Carol Kenney
    Chuck and Roberta Kerr
    Richard and Annette Kerr
    Bob and Shirley Lester
    Hugh and Nancy Lickiss
    James and Debra Luzier
    Mark and Leila Schlenker
    Michael and Rene Staudacher
    Bonnie Wright VanBuren
    Joe and Karen Weinman

Greg R. Sibbel ‘10
    Emily C. Schettler

Tim Sommerfeld
    Toby and Wendy Foster
    Jennifer Jewell
    Cally McClinton
    MidAmerican Energy Foundation

Jane Steenbock
    Bruce and Sheryl Guill