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Annual Report 2017-2018

Parents of current and former Simpson students who contributed to The Simpson Fund during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

P - Presidents’ Society, $1,000+
R - Red & Gold Club, $500-$999
W - Whispering Maples Club, $250-$499
C - 1860 Club, $125-$249
Donors, $1-$124

            DuWayne and Deb Abel

W        Kim C. and Patricia Primm Abild

            William A. and Deborah Widoe Ady

            Dr. Ronald N. and Barbara Albrecht

            Steven E. and Diane Aldach

P          Jack Aldinger

P          Rev. Arthur and Sherry Allen

P          James E. and Dee A. Allen

C         Drs. David Alt and Susan Brockmeier

W        Donna Anderson

C         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson

            Robert and Cheryl Appelgate

            Karl and Paula Kehoe Arnold

C         Paul Bohlig and Margaret Aten

            Karen M. Augspurger

            David and Sharon Baird

            Patricia Ball

P          Sue Ellen Goode Ballard

            Steve and Kim Baltes

            Lora J. Baltes

P          Douglas J. and Mary Eckhoff Barakat

P          Kenneth J. and Kathy Barloon

R         Bruce and Rhonda Beadle

C         Jack H. and Paula Gorham Bean

            Thomas and Linda Hailey Beaupain

            Danny A. and Bambi L. Bell

W        Kristen Waltrip Benge

            Sharon Bennett

            Robert E. and Joyce Poore Berkenes

            David A. and April Betsworth

            Dr. Roger G. and Joan Betsworth

W        Teresa Bevin

            Barry and Linda Beyer

W        Jane Stacy Billings

P          Ken and Rita Birkenholtz

W        Patricia Breeden Black

W        Merrill E. and Betty Blackburn

            Christine Schulte Blake

            Margaret A. Bloomquist

            Mark G. and Diane R. Boehm

P          Robert K. and Martha Stewart Bower

            James L. and Laurie M. Bowers

C         James and Cindy Bradley

            Thomas M. Bragg

            Craig A. and Robin L. Brannin

            Mark and Loretta Britzman

C         David R. and Nicole Crouse Brown

P          David C. and Billie Bruns

C         Jeffrey Bruns

            Dennis and Mary Buchheit

            Presiliano Caballero

P          Robert E. and Judith Camblin

            James and Michele Camp

            Mr. and Mrs. David J. Capper

            Carol and Denny Carder

            Mary Ellen Carlson

P          Barbara Kennedy Case

            Kristine Kehoe Castenson

            H. Don and Jennifer Jessen Cavanaugh

W        Perry N. and Laura Chambers

            Daniel Chase and Carol Palmer

            Scott and Cindy Christensen

W        Janet Claassen

C         Daniel J. and Jennifer Veach Clark

P          Dr. M. Wayne and Susan Clark

P          Hon. Richard B. and Christine Sieff Clogg

            Scott and Erin Cohrs

            Mr. and Mrs. Steve Colbert

            Dr. Francis J. and Jane Ellen Colella

C         Daniel E. and Loretta Alcorn Collins

W        Brian B. and Patty Coppess

            Michael W. and Kathy Corbett

C         Mark and Christy Corzine

            Mrs. Kay Cosgrove

            Carol Kirk Crandall

R         Paul V. and Valerie Hakes Craven

            Judge and Mrs. John Crouch

W        Steven K. and Donna Ford Crow

            Duane and Jennifer Dirkx Daby

            Rev. and Mrs. James S. Dale

            Dr. Jan A. and Donna Dolmage Dale

            Jerry Dalmas and Diana Nordboe

            Frederic and Renee Woodward Dalrymple

            David J. and Deanna Daniel

            Dennis and Jana Danielson

            Scott J. and Mary Clarke Davis

W        Charles A. and Karen Klouda De Vore

P          Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Dean

            Alisa M. Del Debbio

W        Nancy Eaton DeLay

            Mr. and Mrs. Gary Denniston

C         Jerry Depew and Dorothy Lamberti

R         Don and Carol Morrison DePue

            Jane Dillon

C         Duane and Beverly Theede Dirks

            Brian and Karen Doherty

            Bob and Sheryl Dohmen

            Wayne and Anne Donnelly

            Gary and Jeanne Dooley

            Revs. Donald and Gloria Dovre

P          D. Robert and Ardene Kildal Downing

R         Steve and Kathryn Duffy

P          Dr. Owen L. Duncan

W        Cynthia M. Dyer

            William K. and Meredith Young Easter

            Keith M. Ellingson

W        Barbara Perry English

C         Ingrid Evers

            Brandon Fambro

W        Matt and Terrie Smith Fenstermann

            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Fick

P          Charlie and Paige Fiedler

C         Arthur S. and Gloria A. Filean

            Bryan P. and Lynn A. Flannery

P          James W. and Allison Fleming

            Craig and Jamie Folkers

W        Mary M. Fortune

C         Brian and Amanda Fox

R         Richard A. and Virginia Wayt Frank

            Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Freyenberger

            Jane Dale Fritz

W        Mr. and Mrs. Mike Frost

            Lori Fullas

            Thomas and Catherine Fuller

            Kurt and Jolene Furr

R         Kevin and Donna Gade

W        Dr. and Mrs. James L. Gallagher

            Mr. and Mrs. Avon Gardner

P          Dr. Michael G. and Barbara Gartner

            Craig and Lynn Gaumer

            Len Miller and Mary Geiger

            Rev. George E. and Sally Gibson

W        Rick D. and Karen Carlson Gilson

            Mr. and Mrs. Don Gingerich

            Rick R. and Carrie L. Glessner

            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Goddard

C         Kenneth and Suzanne Golder

            Howard and Marilyn Kruse Goodhue

C         Marylin Gorham

C         Mrs. Rosemary Graff

            Barbara Graham

            Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grieme

            Mr. and Mrs. Willie Grigsby

            James and Linda Gude

P          Marlin and Elaine Gutzmer

            Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hagelberg

C         Dr. Edward and Janice Turpen Hakanson

            Janice Haefner Halverson

            Scott Hansen

W        Dr. David P. Harrison

R         Dr. Jeffrey M. and Pamela Hartung

            Dr. John V. and Joan Hartung

            Michael D. and Rebecca Heifner Hastie

            Vivien C. Hayashi

C         Mark and Rebecca Hayden

C         Barry and Lesia Hayes

C         Dr. Janet Heinicke

P          Joseph E. and Christine Christenson Heller

C         Bret D. and Kimberly Hennessy

            Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Henning

            Dr. Edward S. and Laura Henrich

            Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Henry

C         Marc and Ginger Hermon

            David and Allidah Hicks

            Joseph O. and Agnes King Hildreth

            Gary and Julie Hill

            Timothy and Tanya Hillygus

            Rev. William Hoelzel III

            Keith J. and Pamela A. Hoffman

            Martha Hofstad

            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hopp

            Mr. and Mrs. Terry Horn

C         Capt. Merlen F. and Judith Meloy Howe

            Leonard C. Hudson, III

            Steven and Denise Hudson

            Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius C. Hugley

            Chris and Susan Irwin

            Max H. and D. Faye Norton Isaacson

            Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jackson

            Brent and LeAnn Dahm James

            Robert J. and Elizabeth Sweers Janes

            James and Gail Jansen

C         Jay and Jolene Janssen

            Mr. and Mrs. Ken Janvrin

P          Dr. Stephen G. and Sally Jennings

C         David and Christa Jensen

            Rolon and Marilyn Jensen

            George Schultes and Constance Jessen

            Mitch A. and Kimberly Nolting Johnk

C         Darrin and Michelle Johnson

W        Joel A. and Wendy Brimmer Johnson

P          Kenneth A. and Jo Johnson

            Mike Hays and Kimberly Johnson

            Charles R. and Marilyn Drury Johnson

            Merle O. and Susan Johnson

            Eric and Selina Seibert Johnson

            Dr. Floyd A. and Sue Willis Jones

R         Dr. Fred O. and Julie G. Jones

            Ms. Jan Jordan

            Gene E. and Helen Kaldenberg

W        Charles H. and Marilyn Houghton Kayton

            Ms. Sarah D. Keel

            Mr. Kenneth M. Keil

C         John Kellogg

            Kathleen Kelly

            Mr. and Mrs. Alan Keninger

            Ben and Carolyn Kern

            Brent and Jadi Kimble

            Mark and Linda Kimzey

            Matthew and Janet Kincaid

            Douglas Kingsbury

            Gary R. and Sidney Eaton Kirkpatrick

W        Kelly A. and Dawn Kirts

P          Charles V. and Jean Kline

            David and Lisa Klose

            Jeff and Betty Koch

            Lee and Eileen Kolbo

R         Drs. B. Waine and Stephanie Kong

            Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Kopf

            Beth Kosman

            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kraus

W        Donna Morrison Kreamer

C         Andrew T. and Jennifer L. Kreider

            Mr. and Mrs. George G. Kreidler

            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Kremer

            Jeffrey and Annette Kremer

            Nancy Kuiper

            Col. J. Lee and Mary Lane

P          Bob and Becky Lane

            Gene and Susan Langstaff

P          Dr. Everett L. Laning and Mary True

            Alan and Jane Lankford

R         Marilyn J. Leek

C         Timothy J. and Debra Schulz Lehman

            Alex and Nancy Lehner

R         Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Lehr

            Dave and Ruth Leiser

            Matthew and Holly Leopold

            Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lillie

            Rev. James and Lynn Louk

            Tom LoVan and Carla Grey-LoVan

            Steve and Connie Loven

            Joseph A. and Shelly L. Lowery

P          Judith Foster Lucas

            Irene Ludwig

            Brooke E. Lund

C         Mr. and Mrs. James Lynch

            Kristin MacDonald

            Mike and Kristy Macki

P          Dr. Alan W. and Helene B. Magruder

            Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mann

            Karl and Julie McCarty

            Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. McCleary

            Joseph and Ana McCloskey

            Leslie McFarland

            Scott and Janet McIntire

W        Paul Kreger and Elizabeth McLaren

            Lynn A. McNamee

C         Dr. Margaret Rendleman Mehl

C         Tom B. Mehl

            Gary and Christine Meier

C         John Cardoza and Amy Meriweather

            Don and Valarie Meyer

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Michels

C         David J. and Cynthia Michelsen

R         Robert J. and Julie Miller

            Mr. and Mrs. John Moller

            Doug and LeAnn Monaghan

R         William H. and Martha Ray Monroe

R         Marjorie Weber Moore

            Mark and Lezlie Morris

P          Richard E. and Joy Morrison

            Candy Mullen

            Troy J. and Catherine Tuttle Murphy

            Mr. and Mrs. David J. Myren

            Michelle Nelson

            Kelly and Jonna Norlin

            Patricia Weyer Norman

W        Justin and Jennifer Ross Nostrala

            Mr. and Mrs. James M. O'Hara

            Kathleen A. Olson

            Steven M. and Whitney Olson

            Debra A. Olsson

            Leonard and Dana Ortiz

            Steve and Sondra Overstreet

            Stewart and Lisa Owen

            Kyle R. and Pamela Feldman Owens

            Courtney Palmer

            Lance and Sunnie Van Dusseldorp Palmitier

            Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Pals

W        Todd A. Parker and Lisa P. Foxworthy-Parker

            Vickie M. Parks

            Craig and Michelle Paulson

R         Mike and Tracie Moore Pavon

            Todd and Jody Pendgraft

            William H. and Mary Kay Wires Pendgraft

            David and Melanie Hayner Perry

P          Jeff and Mary Petersen

W        Laura M. Petersen

C         Gerald and Joyce Peterson

            Michael and Mary Peterson

            Dr. Warren H. and Jill Peterson

            JoAnn Pfaltzgraff

            Gary and Kimbal Phillips

R         Dale M. and Annie Laurie Davenport Points

            Rev. William W. and Judy Poland

            Rick and Gail Pope

            John and Michelle Posey

            Frank Potter and Tamara Prenosil

            Kevin and Staci Pratt

            Carole Price

W        Todd B. and Laura Ohde Price

            Michael and Dawn Weaver Rankin

            Charles and Mary Rasmusson

            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reasoner

            Mr. and Mrs. Max Rehm

            Douglas and Karen Reiman

W        Mark A. and Lynn Penningroth Rhodes

            Steven R. and Debra Richardson

            James and Nicole Riley

            Rev. James C. and Martha Riley

            Mr. and Mrs. James E. Roan

R         Mark A. and Laura Roberts

C         Steven and Peggy Roberts

            Micheal and Rebecca Robinson

C         Marilyn Rodgers

            Paul J. and Joni Rodgers

C         Jeffrey and Kelly Roen

            Ronald R. and Catherine Lear Routh

            Scott and Julie Roy

P          Gary L. and Dixie Allen Ruble

W        Leland C. and Cheryl Ruble

            Laura Rudicil

            Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ruhland

            Mr. and Mrs. Wade Ruopp

            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Salmon

            Sara Schippers

            Julie Schlegel

C         David and Kimberly Fix Schmidt

            Timothy and Laura Schmitt

            John and Jane Schott

            Daniel and Amy Schulte

W        Greg Schultz and Anna Graether

            Theresa P. Schulz

            Dale and Alice Schumacher

            Michael and Marilee Mitchell Scieszinski

            Roger and Mary Beth Stelken Scott

W        Phil and Gretchen Seiler

            Warren F. and Paulette Steiner Sells

            Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Sensenig

C         Patrick and Lilly Severn

            Laverne and Mary Severseike

            Roger and Gina Seymour

            Gail Sheeder

            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Shelley

            Jane Sheston

            Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shoger

W        Phillip and Ardith Simms

C         Tom and Linda Sinclair

            Mr. and Mrs. William Sinclair

            Tom and Reahnna Hilbrand Singleton

            Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Snook

            Steven Sorensen and Linda Powell

P          Roger and Sandra Spahr

            Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Speer

            Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Spengler

            Mr. and Mrs. James Stadtherr

            Mr. and Mrs. Drew J. Staffenberg

            William and Anne Stamats

R         Dr. and Mrs. Brian Steffen

            Susan Stogdill

W        Jason J. and Teri Vert Stolte

            Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stone

            David and Justin Weeks Storm

            James and Lynne Stoulil

            Steven Stratton

            Ken Strecker

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Struck

            Don and Sandi Struebing

            Joan Summers

            David M. and Mary Summy

            Lucille Summy

C         Ms. Rebecca J. Swainey

C         James R. and Marjorie Arneson Swanson

P          Dr. Keith R. and Berniece Ruby Swanson

            Paul V. and Roxann Swenson

            Lance and Sheila Taylor

            Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Templeton

            Ms. Deborah Terry

C         Jeffrey and Seleta Bainter Thomas

C         Richard and Tammy Thomas

W        Rita Thompson

C         Sara Thompson

P          Jim and Julia Thorius

            Richard Thurston

W        Robert J. and Laura Tidgren

P          Ed and Deb Tierney

            Kevin and Wanda Tierney

            Chad and Andrea Loeffler Timm

            Leo and Debra Timms

            Virginia Tow

            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Triplett

            James S. and Linda Mains Tutt

            Michael and Anne Ulm

            Mrs. LaDonna Bushman Van Ahn

C         Donald and Deloris Van Ryswyk

            Curtis VanBuren

            Jerry and Tracy Vanderhorst

            Mr. and Mrs. Marvin VanSickle

            John L. and Anita Mumby Varme

            Mr. and Mrs. Ron Vernon

            Sherry E. VerPloeg

            Mrs. Marsha Von Ruden

            Ken and Diane Vonnahme

R         John and Linda Vredenburg

R         Rhonda Vry-Bills

            Ray and Susan Waller

            Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wallin

            Norman and Patricia Matthew Wallman

            Curt and Patricia Dayton Warfield

            James and Katherine Warwick

            James and Elsie Weaver

C         Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wendt

            Gregory and Julie Weppler

            Mr. and Mrs. James R. Weston

C         Jerry R. and Beverly Myers Wetzel

P          Dennis J. and Jane M. Whalen

            Mr. and Mrs. Jack White

C         Walter L. and Susan Foster White

W        J. Daniel and Susan Johnson White

C         Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Whitsell

W        Robert and Brenda Wickett

            Larry A. and Janice Dolmage Wilcox

            Eugene and Lois Wilkerson

R         Floyd and Anne Kinsey Williams

            David and Catherine Williams

            Paul J. and Deborah Diddy Wilson

            Scott and Michelle Wingerson

P          Roger and Jan Winslow

P          A. Roger and Darlene Stout Witke

W        Tom and Ann Woldt

            Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wolfe

            Steven L. and Linda Culver Wolfe

            Donald and Paige Wozniak

            Rev. D. Ward and Nancy Young

W        Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Young

            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Young

W        Nannette D. Zahs

            Bruce and Rebecca Ziebell

            John and Debra Zieman

P          Cole and Pam Leahigh Zimmerman

            Ronald and Carol Moore Zumwalt