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Change a Life

Our lives were forever changed during our time spent beneath the whispering maples. It is our turn to plow the ground for the seedlings of the future. 

Make a Difference

We may have arrived as fragile as the seedlings those magnificent maples once were, but we left — transformed — into confident, productive members of our global community. 

Impact the Future

It is that simple. If we each reach only one student and that student applies and then matriculates, we will have planted a forest. 

The New Simpson College Alumni Referral Program

The new alumni referral program, Each One, Reach One, is a new initiative for alumni to reach out to future generations of students — high school or traditional day students — to tell them about your life-changing experience at Simpson. 

Alumni Referral Form

Please complete the form and Simpson’s Offices of Admissions and Alumni Relations will contact the student and family. Students who successfully apply and enroll will be awarded an additional $1,000 scholarship to attend Simpson. 

Referrals must be made by Dec. 1, 2020 and students must apply to the College by Jan. 1, 2021

The $1,000 Legacy Scholarship, for descendants of alumni and siblings attending Simpson concurrently, will also continue in its current form as a branch of this program. Students will be eligible for one or the other, not both. 


Each One Reach One Brochure

Download the interactive brochure here.

each one reach one brochure

It is simple. Please complete the above form and we will do the rest. You may also want to:

  • Take the student out for coffee to talk about your experience
  • Send them an email, detailing how your life was changed at Simpson College
  • Send them a note – through the USPS – to encourage them to take a look at the institution that helped you achieve your goals
  • Text them a link to our special website https://simpson.edu/alumni/referral-program
  • Call them and have a chat about why you love Simpson and why you think they will, too
  • Help them set up a campus visit and perhaps join them as they tour campus

Each One, Reach One

If EACH ONE of us, the successful and blessed alumni of our alma mater, REACH ONE prospective student to work with them to apply and, eventually, enroll at Simpson, we will have made a tremendous difference to the place where we transformed into the people we are today.