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Useful apps and online resources to keep you informed and safe


Why this app?

  • More than 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted.
  • Men can be victims of sexual assault too.
  • No matter how you identify on the sexuality and gender spectrum, whether you're in a relationship, or hooking up for the first time, everyone has the right to say no and the right to be treated with respect.
  • The Circle of 6 App is for everyone.

What it does

  • You're out late and you lose track of your friends. Use Circle of 6 to send your circle a "come and get me" message - with a map using GPS to show your precise location.
  • You're on a date and it starts to get uncomfortable. You need a polite way to excuse yourself. Use Circle of 6 to alert your circle to call you and interrupt the situation.
  • You're seeing someone new, but you have some doubts about how things are going. Use circle of 6 to access a wealth of online information about healthy relationships.
  • In critical situations, use Circle of 6 to call pre-programmed national hotlines or a local emergency number of your choice.


Going out? Whether you're meeting up with a stranger or just taking a midnight stroll, give Kitestring a heads up.

  • Check in via SMS - Kitestring checks up on you with a simple text message. Reply to the message to check in.
  • Stay connected - If you don't check in, Kitestring sends your emergency contacts a personalized alert message.
  • Nothing to download - you don't even need a smartphone 


A multi-feature app designed to quell safety concerns as you travel. While the app requires you to register one primary contact, users can add an unlimited number of friends.

  • Includes a “Follow Me” feature, which enables users’ guardians or friends to track their journey in real-time using GPS technology,
  • Includes an “I’m Here” feature, which alerts contacts when a user has arrived at their destination.
  • There is also an S.O.S. feature, and a timer feature which triggers an alarm when users do not check-in on time. A video recording begins once the alarm is activated to collect evidence of a possible crime.


The pervasiveness of street harassment can make sidewalks seem like gauntlets. With cat-callers leering and, at times, groping at women, it’s easy to leave these claustrophobic spaces feeling afraid or ashamed. Hollaback! seeks to project that shame back on street harassers. 

  • The app allows users to instantly report harassment and pinpoint exactly where it occurred.
  • Users also have the option to upload a photo of the incident.
  • While Hollaback! may not have built-in alert systems like the others, it predicates on an important idea undergirding the anti-violence discussion: the importance of standing up and sharing our experiences.

The Title IX Coordinator is Keyah Levy and she can be reached at titleix@simpson.edu or 515-961-1675.