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Evening and Online at Simpson College

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Upcoming Webinars & Info Sessions

Not sure what you would like to explore? No problem – we've designed webinar sessions about grants, informational sessions about our individual programs and Q&A sessions to answer your questions all from the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is click below and connect! 

Future Ready Iowa Grant

Join us to find out if the Future Ready Iowa Grant is an opportunity for you! The Grant offers eligible adult undergraduate students $1,000-3,500 per academic year toward degree-completion programs.  Unlike most grants, eligibility is not based on the financial situation of the student, instead it focuses on future workforce needs. 

Future Ready Iowa
Ginger Hermon

Meet Your Admissions Counselor

Simpson College is known for giving each student personalized attention and that is true during your search process too. Request a Personalized Virtual Visit by emailing our Evening, Online and Graduate Programs Admissions Counselor at ginger.hermon@simpson.edu or 515-961-1313