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Employee Council Minutes


October 12, 2017 – Employee Council Minutes


We welcomed Angie McKelvey as the new Assistant Vice President of Business Services.


Brian Steffen made a report from the All Campus Budget Committee reviewing the work done by the committee thus far this year and took questions from the group. Brain reminded us that Laurie Bower and Mary Fortune are the staff representatives to the All Campus Budget Committee. Other committee members include Nick Proctor, Cathy Hoch and Kent Eaton.

Marilyn Mueller and John Walker shared information about START UP Storm an Entrepreneurial event scheduled for Friday, November 17. The program will begin at 1:00 and is being held in the Kent Campus Center.


  1. Seth Andersen reminded us of several events happening in the next several weeks that the Culver Center is sponsoring or co-sponsoring and invited us all to attend.
  2. Becky Hastie shared information about our 2nd annual “Simpson Cares” book drive.
  3. November 9 – Employee Council MEETING LOCATION CHANGE.  The Staff from The Center for Academic Resources will be presenting our program in The Center located on the first level of Dunn. 


February (Rescheduled to March 1) 2017


We welcomed Amy Gieseke, Dean for Continuing, Graduate and Online Learning, who joined the Simpson community on February 15.


Spring Wellness Challenge: Becky Hastie and Danny Fast from the wellness committee shared details about the new program being launched this spring. Please watch for the e-mail that will have more details.


Claudia Schabel, President of Schabel Solutions, presented our program today on unconscious bias.  Her program was titled “Building Respect and a Shared Vision”. We watched a video on how fast and slow thinking shapes our unconscious bias. It is our brains on auto pilot (or fast thinking) that allows us to move through our daily lives making fast judgments and decisions. We also learned about our slow brain and that if we slow down decision making down to first analyze situations and use data, we can mitigate unconscious biases.

Want to learn more about your unconscious bias? The following link is to a self-study on unconscious bias: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/selectatest.html

Our next Employee Council will be March 16, 2017 in Hubbell I.


September 17, 2017


  1. Eric Rucker, Director of Simpson Youth Academy, recapped the event of the summer program and shared recruitment information for 2018.
  2. Marilyn Johnson, Director of Conference, introduced the new room reservation system.


Ellie Olsen introduced Laura Graves. Laura began this month as a part-time Counselor in the Health Services Department.


Terry Lillis, Board of Trustee Chair began the program by speaking about the coming year and goals the Board is setting.

Tracy Dinesen also spoke about retention efforts and what each of us can do to help. She reminded us how to submit a concern, the development of a Commitment Statement for retention efforts, and introduced Portfolium. Training sessions on the use Portfolium will be will be held in October. Watch for an email with details.

The next Employee Council meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2017 at 8:30 in  Hubbell II, Kent Campus Center.


January 2017

New Staff Members

We welcomed Jennifer Beal. Jenn joined Simpson in late December as the Director of the Upward Bound.

We also welcomed Craig Bartholomew. Craig began his employment at Simpson in late fall as the Stockroom Manager and Chemical Hygiene Officer


  • 2017 EAC members are: Dawn Barnes (Chair), Becky Hastie (Secretary), Robin Buthmann, Laura Davison, Manda Gibson, Tracie Pavon, Tammi Perry, and Bobbi Sullivan.
  • We thanked Andy English, Danny Fast, Trish Frey, and Debra Lord for their work on EAC for the last two years.
  • Sandy Condon reminded us all to look at the Class Schedule when planning and scheduling meetings. Trying to overlap meetings between two scheduled class times will allow faculty to attend.
  • Tricia Calkins, Co-chair of the Budget Committee presented an overview of the committees this year.


Our program, “Gender Identity and Transgender Issues” was presented by Leslie Behaunek and Tom Cunningham. The following is a link to the PowerPoint presentation:  Gender Identity Power Point

Our next Employee Council will be March 16, 2017 in Hubbell I.


November 2016


  • President Simmons invited us all to attend the meeting scheduled for 3:30pm in Black Box.
  • EAC announced there will be a Thanksgiving Coffee in Durlam Lounge on November 21, from 10:00 to 11:00am.
  • Kyle McVey, the Book Store manager, announced several up-coming sales at the Book Store — November 15-16th will be a 2-day sale with 25% off Nike, outerwear, sweats, knit hats, drinkware. November 30th through December 1st will be the annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Event, with 25% off the entire store (excludes textbooks, gift cards, and diploma frames).

Our program was a session to share information from around campus:

  1. Tracie Pavon shared stories of how SC Cares helps students each day. She also described how the program has grown to include presentations at Rotary and Guild to help build the fund. Funds are low at this time, but the need has not diminished. SC Cares Stickers can be purchased at the Business Office. Packs of 13 cost $25.00 and single stickers cost $2.00.
  2. Bobbi Sullivan shared information on the updated UGA calendar and program. Undergraduate Assistantship Program
  3. Alison Swanson shared dates and event that Admissions will be hosting in the coming weeks and into next semester. She also shared a bit on the numbers thus far this year, 239 individual visitors to campus and 111 large group visitors, with many more on  the books. How can we all lend a hand? Show your Simpson hospitality:
  •   make visitors feel welcome with a smile
  •   ask visitors if they need help
  •   walk visitors to the door or point the way
  •   OR do you have time to personally walk with them?!
  •   save large group admissions days on your calendar

4.  Seth Anderson told us about a new venture The Culver Center undertook, partnering with a
bipartisan polling firm RABA. Seth described work the Culver students were doing during the
recent election process, what the future might look like, and then shared why he thought the polls
did not get the results of the election correct.

Our next Employee Council will be January 19, 2017 in Hubbell I.


September 2016 


  1. President Simmons invited us all to attend the first All Campus Budget meeting scheduled for September 29, 2016, The meeting will be held in Hubbell Hall.
  2. Laurie DuFoe gave an update from the study of SC students first destination numbers compared with national data. This is a link to the report: http://simpson.edu/first-destination-reports/
  3. Wellness – Flu Shots are scheduled for September 28. Watch your email for instruction on how to make an appointment.
  4. Becky Hastie  explained about a new program that EAC will be implementing, called “Simpson Cares” book drive.
  5. We are going to try something new next month and stop serving treats and coffee at Employee Council meetings. The money will be used instead for programming and speakers for our meetings. Coffee will be available from the Holy Grounds Coffee Cart to those who would like to purchase a cup of coffee before the meeting. Coffee Prices will be:

    .75 for bring-your-own coffee cup
    1.00 for bring-your-own travel mug
    1.50 for provided 12 oz. cup
    Please as feel free to bring your own coffee or water.

  6. Eric Rucker, Director of the Simpson Youth Academy shared information about this new program. How can we help support this program? Tell high school students about the program and encourage them to become involved. Suggest Simpson students to Eric that would be good to hire as work-study for the program.


  • Tim Tesar introduced Demi Dunn the newest member of the Admissions staff.    


The program was presented by Ellie Olson and Rich Ramos. The subject was Title IX.  Last year there were 20 reports made to the Title IX officer (Rich Ramos).  While the number might sound high, it is a good thing that students feel comfortable in making a report of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence or stalking.

We are all reporters and are required to make a report if we become aware of a possible situation of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence or stalking. This would include seeing something on social media or something a work-study would shares directly or indirectly. To make a report contact Rich. This is important because the government requires a resolution in 60 days. Rich suggested meeting with work-study now to explain your responsibilities and then going forward to include this conversation as a part of your annual first meeting with work-study students.

If you contact Rich because of a situation, let the student know you will be making the call, or better yet make the call with the student present. Know, however, once you make the report there will be no follow up for reasons of privacy. Just continue to be supportive of your student. If you have questions or would like Ellie and Rich to speak to a group, please give them a call.

October Employee Council will be held in Great Hall on Thursday, October 20th at 8:30am


March 2016


Seth Andersen reminded us that The Culver Lecture is scheduled for April 7 at 7:00 in BPAC

Wellness Committee — Blood Profiles are back! March 31 and April 12. Please see your email to register.


  1. Murphy Waggoner reported on the Higher Learning Commission’s final report to Simpson. The final report will be available soon on SC Connect.
  2. John Harris, Director of Campus Services, returned to share a safety moment with the group. The topic was “Call Before You Dig – Call 811”
  3. Michael Norris shared information on C&G recruitment and updates on the exciting programs he and his team are working on, as well as the work the C&G task force has been doing.
  4. Shawna Gisi was our final speaker. She shared the work she has been doing to collect data that will help the College in decision making.

April Employee Council is moving to April 19th at 1:30 in Hubbell I.


February 2016


  • Nicole Davidson, Part-time Operations Manager (8:00 to 1:00 Monday through Friday)
  • Troy King, Admissions Veteran Services Coordinator
  • Pat Kelley, Part-time Coordinator of Disability Service in the Hawley Resource Center


  1. Nick Proctor shared information about a new summer camp called Magic, Mythology and More. Children and grandchildren of Simpson employees will receive a $50 discount on the residential cost of the program. Marketing for this new venture is a grass root effort, so if you know of a place where interested students might be, let Nick know and he will get you a poster.
  2. Jim Hayes gave a presentation on the various things being done to help improve retention at the College. We have a goal of 85% by 2019. He also reviewed the work of the Retention Advisory Board. Jim encouraged all of us to share our ideas on what we might do better that would help retention. Most importantly, if you are aware of a student who is struggling, please alert the Students of Concern (SOC) Committee so that they can deliberate on the best way to follow up with that student. You can do this through SC Connect under the My Actions tab on the left side of the page, or by emailing retention@simpson.edu



John Harris, Director of Campus Services gave a presentation about Sodexo–its missions and the levels for service, maintenance and grounds. He also spoke about what each of us can do to help the College be more ecofriendly and help with sustainability. Two very easy items are to turn off lights and computers when you leave for the evening, and to not toss plastic wrap in recycling. (If plastic wrap is placed with the recycling the load is considered contaminated.) The following is a link to the presentation: https://scconnect.simpson.edu/resources//Documents/2016-02-10%20Fac%20Mtg%20Sodexo%20Campus%20Services%20PowerPoint.pdf

March Employee Council will be March 17 at 8:30am in Hubbell 1


January 2016 


Jill Johnson introduced Cassie Ring. Cassie began this month at the set-up and scheduling assistant.

Michael Norris welcomed back Tricia Geelan. Tricia has returned to the Admission’s Office as the Transfer Counselor.


  1. EAC election results: Becky Hastie, Dawn Sams, Tammi Perry and Tracie Pavon are the newly elected members.
  2. The IT was the first department to complete the on-line training modules and will be getting lunch catered to their department.
  3. Wellness –
    1. SAC cards coming out this week
    2. Live Healthy Iowa 2016 -There is still time to register a team for the 10 week wellness challenge from Live Health IA. The challenge begins 1/25/2016.


We continued the conversation the President started last fall about diversity and inclusion with a discussion on Cultural Competence. Walter Lain lead off with a review of: 1) the day before MLK events and 2) a review of the charge to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. He also reminded us that the Carver Lecture is schedule for January 27 at 1:00 p.m.

Mara Bailey introduced us to a new resource available to us called Justice and Dignity.

The program continued with a discussion of cultural competence. The base of cultural competence is a set of values, behaviors, attitudes and practices within a system, organization, program, or among individuals which enables them to work effectively cross cultures. Further, it refers to the ability to honor and respect the beliefs, language, interpersonal style and behaviors of others.

The next Employee Council is February 18 at 8:30a.m.



  • Dave Williams was introduced as the new Assistant Director of Admissions – Out of State Recruitment
  • Jason Courtney was introduced as the new Veteran Recruitment Coordinator
  • Rocio Hermosillo was introduced as the new Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruiting
  • Michelle Johnson was introduced as the new Director of Foundation & Government Support


  1. President Simmons invited us all to attend the Campus Council meeting scheduled for Friday, November 13 at 3:30 in the Black Box.
  2. Jennifer Nostrala, the Chair of the Budget Committee reminded us of the budget meetings scheduled for November 16, 17 and 18.
  3. Karen Jones, a loaned executive with United Way of Central Iowa spoke about the 2016 United Way of Central Iowa campaign and the impact UW supported programs can have on individuals.
  4. Bobbi Meyer and Heather Gaumer spoke about the Carver Bridge to Success program and encouraged us all to share information about these grant supported scholarships with students we may know who are interested, and how we might be able to help with recruitment.
  5. November’s installment of In the Spot Light was on the Office of Financial Assistance.


Denise Boozell, Hy-Vee Indianola Dietitian shared the importance of practicing healthy living/eating habits with a focus on the upcoming holiday seasons; but of course, these ideas can be put in to practice every day.

Denise Boozell Simpson Holiday Eating 2015


September 10, 2015


  • Michael Norris was introduced as the new Director of Transfer Recruitment
  • Elizabeth Glawe was introduced as a new Admissions Counselor
  • Andy Irving was introduced as the new Telecommunications and Network Tech


  1. Kelley Bradder announced the portal site StormFront will be renamed this fall and will be known as SC Connect. Look for the change to occur over Fall Break.
  2. Brain Niemuth reminded us of the Carse Open and Auction that is scheduled for next Friday, September 19.
  3. President Simmons shared preliminary enrollment and budget information. An All Campus Meeting will be scheduled for some time yet this fall – please watch your emails for time and place.
  4. Laurie Dufoe gave a presentation on the 2014 First-Destinations Report, which detailed where the 2014 graduates went on to after graduation. She will also be asking for help in completing the 2015 report. Laurie will be sending an email with a list of students that she does not have data on, if you know any of the students and what they are doing now please contact Laurie.


Counseling Services gave the program they give to all the SC classes each fall, to help familiarize student with the services available.  The goal of the program was to help staff learn more about the services offered to students and how we might approach a student if we thought they could benefit from the services of the counseling center.

There will be no October Employee Council meeting. Please use the time instead to complete the on-line training modules on child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for November 12th beginning at 8:30.


February 19, 2015


President Simmons shared the most recent information on the AIB/U of I merger.

The President announced that he is scheduling a series of open meetings. The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 2 from 2:15 to 3:15pm in the Willis Art Gallery. This will be a time to share your thoughts and hear about things happening on campus. Please watch the Campus Pulse for all the dates and times for these meetings.   For the remaining Employee Council meetings, one of the Five Criterion Teams will be making a presentation about the section they have written in preparation of the HLC accreditation visit next fall. We are starting with Criterion 2: Ethical and Responsible Conduct. Tracie Pavon and Deb Tierney are here to share an overview of the content of their section.

Drop In the Bucket – this will be the last month for Drop in the Bucket. Congratulations to Laurie Dufoe and Ann Greubel for their Drop in the Bucket nomination, which was for their wonderful job of collecting data on our class of 2014 graduates.

EAC is going to begin a new program where each month a different department will be spot-lighted. Watch for more details!

Don’t forget the March Employee Council will be held on Thursday, March 19 from 3:00 to 4:00pm. We will be in Hubbell One.


Our program was presented by Sue Wilson, founder of 3E Wellness, entitled “Cravings– Why do we have them, How can we avoid them, What do they mean?” The program included great information on why we love sugar so much. The slide show from the presentation can be found at the following link:


January 15th, 2015


We had a number of introductions:

  1. Mary Fortune introduced MJ Sharp – new Copy Center Coordinator;
  2. Brenna Stoffa introduced Jenni Clark – new administrative assistant in Annual Giving;
  3. Sal Meyers introduced Jodi Eubanks. Jodi will be working mornings in the Continuing Education and Graduate Programs offices and afternoons in faculty development;
  4. Ken Birkenholtz introduced Logan Edel – new Controller;
  5. Deb Tierney introduced Matt Delzer – new Admissions Counselor,
  6. And Jim Hayes introduced Annie Fullas who will be working part-time in the Student Development Offices.


  1. Remember with the new year VTO banks have been refilled.
  2. The remaining dates for Employee Council are: February 19, March 19 and May 7. From a request received in the EAC comment box we are moving the March meeting to the afternoon. We will be meeting at 3:00 to 4:00. All meetings will be in Hubbell One.
  3. The newly elected members of EAC are: Beth Beggs, Andy English, Danny Fast, Trish Frey, Debra Lord and Laura Pfaff.
  4. Drop in the Bucket – Luke Behaunek name was drawn from the nominations. Congratulations to Luke!


The survey results from the new Performance Appraisal process were reviewed with the group. The next step will be to hold several round table discussions, which will be scheduled to help gather more information through discussion groups. These groups will cover: 1) process and rating scale, 2) attaching merit pay and 3) community involvement.

We ended the meeting by playing SC Jeopardy 2015. Our next Employee Council meeting will be February 19th at 8:30am in Hubbell Hall.


November 20th, 2014


Laurie Bowers introduced Derrick Grubb to the group. Derrick joined the IT Department on 11/17 as an Application Systems Analysis. Welcome Derrick!

The November Drop in the Bucket was awarded to Julie Hill and Marilyn Johnson, as their names were drawn. Here is their nomination:

Kudos to Marilyn Johnson and Julie Hill for all they did to make the two political debates go so smoothly. What we saw on the outside looked smooth and seamless because of all they were doing behind the scenes. They do this for every campus event but because the debates were so visible, they are being nominated for a drop in the bucket! 

Congratulations Julie and Marilyn! 


Russ Cross, a loaned executive with the United Way, spoke to the group about the status of United Way in reaching goals it created for 2020, and kicked off the 2014 campaign.

The library staff held an Employee Council Open House to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dunn Library. There was a self-guided tour for the various offices that allowed us to learn who all is housed in the building as well as collect several goodies along the way. In the Craven Room we were able to enjoy one of the archive items, a 13 minute movie that was produced in 1927 by the Men of ATO entitled “ACE OF HEARTS.”

Our next Employee Council meeting will be January 15th at 8:30am in Hubbell Hall.


October 23rd, 2014 


  • We began by welcoming several new people:In IT we welcomed Travis Cherniss, Help Desk Supervisor and Lynne Jensen,      Application Systems Analyst; in Admissions we welcomed Kyle Einck, Admissions Counselor; and in the Theatre we welcomed Nancy Kirkendall.
  • Leslie Held invite us to participate in the up-coming Simpson Guild Piccadilly, which will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 6 pm (5:30 preview for advance ticket holders) in Hubbell Hall, Kent Student Center. Tickets are $25 per person or $200 for table of eight. Tickets can be purchased from Cyd Dyer in the library or at Bob’s Custom Trophy.Leslie explained that at a Piccadilly Auction items go up for “bid” between $.25-$5.  You place your bid by tossing your quarters into the basket on your table. Then if your paddle number is drawn and you played, the item is yours!  Or buy an “ALL-IN” paddle which puts you in every drawing in the auction. There is Wine Pull for $10, where you buy a numbered cork and pull the corresponding bottle of wine from the collection.
  • Rosemary Link shared up-coming events to celebrate the opening of our new location in Ankeny.
  • Drop in the Bucket – Katy Griner’s name was drawn from the October nominations. Congratulations Katy!
    Katy’s nominate read: “Katy is not only approachable and helpful with students, she makes work fun!”
  • UGA for 2015-16; proposals were released yesterday and will be due in HR on or before November 18.


Tricia Calkins, German Professor in the World Language Culture Study Department and Chair of the Assessment and Program Review Committee, presented about our self-evaluation for reaccreditation.

Tricia began by explaining that the accreditation process began over 100 years ago. Now it is used for colleges that receive federal funding as a means to see if they are “keeping their promise” and providing the education as stated in their mission statements.

Over the next several months many of us will be involved on committees, asked to provide information for the resource material given to the reviewers, or asked to participate in surveys. The goal of this work is to provide an accurate portrayal of Simpson College.

The second part of the program was a follow-up session with President Simmons. President Simmons answers additional questions from our All Campus meeting held in late September.

Our next Employee Council meeting will be November 20th at 8:30am in Hubbell Hall.


September 11th, 2014 


We welcomed Laura Davison as the faculty assistant for the Business Accounting and Economics Department and Laura Petersen as the Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director.


  • Blood Profiling – There is still time to register for the final day of Blood Profiling. Mercy will be back on campus a week from Monday September 22.  A reminder email will be sent as well as the link to the scheduling site.
  • Continuing on a Wellness note – our Flu Shot Clinic will be held on October 7. We will have sign-up information out soon.  Remember if you are covered by SC health insurance, please bring your Health Insurance card as Wellmark will be covering the cost of the shots.
  • Thank you to the EAC members of the very cute Kick-off.
  • Drop in the Bucket – Congratulation to Andy English for being the September Drop in the Bucket winner! Andy was nominated for his outstanding work leading the Simpson RAGBRAI team.


Shari Hudson, owner of Organized by Design presented the program.

We began listing reasons we are not organized.  Some reasons shared included: Not enough time or space, too many interruptions, not knowing how to go about creating organizational systems and procedures.

Shari spent a little time talking about interruptions.  An interruption typically can take up to 8 minutes, then we spent an average of another 10 minutes refocusing on the item we were working on prior to the interruption. How can we control this?  1. Learn to say no. 2. Schedule the needed time to help so it is on your calendar, thus making it a scheduled event and not an interruption.

Spend time on event management.  For every 1 minute spent planning an event 4 minutes are saved.

Plan and list at the end of each day the tasks you want to complete the following day.  It gives you a place to start so you do not have to waste time trying to get refocused.

Our next Employee Council meeting will be October 23rd at 8:30am in Hubbell Hall.


May 8th, 2014 

Drop in the Bucket – John Wilson’s name was drawn from those nominated.  Congratulations John!


We started with the program, which was a panel of new alumni that included: Dylan Anderson, Aaron Gaynor, Lance Kramer, Kent Irwin, Dillon Thinner and Courtney Yearous.  Ken Fuson was our emcee.  They each shared a little of the reflections they will take away with them as their Simpson Experience.  Aaron Gaynor shared that is was the football coaching staff that impressed him and hooked him.  Lance told of the 180 degree turn he experienced in his life as he met new people, including all the great people on the coffee cart route, and had difference experiences that led him to receive the 2014 award for most volunteer hours.


President Simmons began the announcements be addressing two of the web comments received last month.   The first was regarding the Ankeny relocation.  There are several reasons: 1) We have lost our visibility at the current and space is limited; and 2) the move will locate us across from DMACC which will allow us to continue to work on developing programs for DMACC.  The second web comment was in regard to staffing.  The President told the group he would not talk about individual personnel issues; however he did say he was always glad to talk individually or in a group about the budget.

Heather Gaumer and Sue Bowlin – gave an update from the survey they asked us to complete last month.   There were 80 replies.  They have been compiling the individual replies into categories and will take the report to cabinet in a week.

Laurie Bower, Ken Fuson, Cathy Hoch and Mimi Bartley shared information about the new performance appraisal system and the training that will be held.

This was the final Employee Council meting until fall 2014.


March 27, 2014


1)    Drop in the Bucket – Kathy Witzenburg’s name was drawn from those nominated.  Congratulations Kathy!

Kathy’s nomination read as follows: “Kathy Witzenburg routinely goes out
of her way to help and to offer her assistance for jobs both large and
small. She is extremely timely in responding to requests. I appreciate her
efforts and just wanted to say “thanks!”  

2)    Heather Gaumer and Sue Bowlin shared with us the work a committee of faculty, staff and cabinet members is doing, regarding budget saving ideas.  One of the things the committee is looking for are ideas to streamline processes and other cost saving ideas. A four question survey will be emailed today (March 27, 2014) to collect ideas.  Comments will be confidential. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.  

3)    Kelley Bradder introduced a new email system that will help to remove individual event announcements from the mass e-mail lists.  E-mails will be placed into “Prominent Events” newsletter or a “Daily Events” newsletter.  The Prominent Events newsletter will include College-wide events with broad campus appeal and possibly beyond campus; these events will also be College sponsored.  A sample of the items appearing in this newsletter will include: Visual and Performing Arts and Athletics games/matches, Lesson and Carols, and Campus Day.  Daily Events Newsletter will have a more campus directed appeal and will include Cinnamon Roll Friday, the Simpson fitness classes’ schedule, Food for the Soul, and other RLC events.

Training on how to post events will be held:  Monday, March 31 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm and Tuesday, April 1 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in Carver, Room 233.    

4)    Bob Lane gave an update on the Pedestrian Plaza and the closing of C Street.  The closure is scheduled for early April.  Heavy construction will not start until after May term is complete.  Fencing will be going up, but they will try and keep two or three pathways open during the construction period.  For Kresge residents on move-out day, the north 174 feet of C Street will be open to traffic.  If you have questions feel free to contact John Sirianni, Jill Johnson, Ken Birkenholtz or Bob Lane.  The dedication of the project is scheduled for 2014 Homecoming.

5)    Jillian Sievel, Associate Director of Annual Giving spoke about the recent change the Office of College Advancement made to the annual staff/faculty campaign that helps support the SC Fund, which is unrestricted funding that supports everyday needs of the College.  The campaign will begin April 7;  the period covered will then become April to May each year.  Why the change?  The move will allow the campaign to better align with the fiscal budget year.  What is new?  All forms will be electronic (paper, of course, will still be available.)  If you have questions, contact Jillian Sievel.

6)    President Simmons shared with the group the same information he told the faculty at their recent meeting. He spoke briefly about the direction he believes Iowa Wesleyan is moving in, and talked about population trends in Iowa.


Our Program was presented by Rosemary Link and the Continuing and Graduate Programs team.  We learned many things about the Continuing and Graduate Programs on all three campuses, and then we applied our new knowledge with a game of “educational bingo.”

Our next Employee Council meeting will be May 8 at 8:30am in Hubbell Hall.


February 20, 2014


Ken Fuson introduced Danny Fast.  Danny is our new digital content specialist.  Please welcome Danny to campus.

Walter Lane reminded us of the upcoming Carver Medal Ceremony. It will be held at 1 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 26th in Smith Chapel. Brigadier General (Ret.) Clara Adams-Ender is the 2014 Carver Medal recipient.

Drop in the Bucket – Karin Hooper’s name was drawn from those nominated.  Congratulations Karin!

Murphy Waggoner, Professor of Mathematics and Director of Academic Assessment came to talk about the accreditation process.  Murphy explained the Who, What, When and How of the Institutional Review process.   She also told us a survey will be sent out next month for campus in-put, as well as several open meetings to gather information.  Please watch for more details.


Jennifer del Pino, Maeve Callan and Walter Lain presented a workshop called Diversity and Inclusion: “Taking the First Step”.

We started with a group exercise that showed us how with being told only a minimum of direction, we divided ourselves in to groups.  Many times we as a society do the same.

Next they reviewed what it means to be diverse and inclusive. Walter Lain shared a quote: “being diverse means being invited to the dance…being inclusive means being asked TO dance:”

We ended with a department exercise where we talked about what we can do as departments to become more inclusive.

Our next Employee Council meeting will be March 27 at 8:30am in Great Hall.


January 23, 2014


  • Correction:  Employee Council in March will be on March 27 not March 20.
  • There is still time to register a team for Live Healthy Iowa.  It should be fun with Warren County being selected as 1 of 10 counties to get a small grant for support of the program.
  • VTO banks were renewed in January.
  • Sue Bowlin, Tammy Miller, Christen Bain and Laurie Bowers were elected as the new member or returning members for EAC elections.
  • Drop in the Bucket:  Colleen Willmott’s name was drawn from the January nominations.  Congratulations and thank you, Colleen!


On a very cold January morning we gathered to have some fun with words.

We started by playing a scrabble type game.  Using a sack of letter tiles, each table created as many words as they could (double points if the word somehow related to Simpson).  We had some very creative entries.   Next we talked about ONE WORD, an idea developed by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page and Jon Gordon.  With ONE WORD, you select a word to use to help plan and organize yourself instead of making a New Year’s resolution.  We watched a TODAY Show clip where Al and Savana selected the word they were going to use for the year, and Employee Council attendees share their ONE WORD with the group.  Finally, individuals gathered by department to work through a worksheet and talk about the word each would be selecting to use as a guide for the semester.  More information about ONE WORD can be found at www.getoneword.com

Our next Employee Council will be February 20 at 8:30a.m. in Hubbell North.


November 21, 2013


Introductions – Advancement Bob Lane introduced Dawn Sams.  Dawn began October 28 as the Research & Prospect Coordinator.  Brenna Stoffa also introduced Jillian Sievel, our new Associate Director of Annual Giving.

Congratulations to Donna Gade for being our Drop in the Bucket winner.

The nomination for Donna read as follows: “Kudos to Donna Gade. She was late in leaving the other night and the Corporate Express delivery gal came at 4:55 and Donna was nice enough to not only let her in, but she signed for all offices in Hillman and College Hall, called those offices to let them know their orders had arrived and then directed the CE gal to the Athletic offices. Thanks for taking the time to take care of the rest of us that had already gone home!”


To follow up on the VIRT training many of us attended in July, Chris Frerichs walked us through what we should do in the following emergency situations:

  • —  Fire
  • —  Tornado/Windstorm
  • —  Medical Emergency
  • —  Death/Suicide
  • —  Bomb Threats
  • —  Maintenance Emergency/Power Outage

Katie Hall demonstrated how to use a AED and Fire Chief Brian Seymour explained how Warren and Polk Counties decide on sounding tornado warning sirens.  Polk County will sound their sirens when 70 mile an hour winds are reported.  Warren County will sound only when a warning has been issued for that section of country where the storm has been determined to strike.  There is never an all clear siren sounded. That information would be released on a weather radio.  If a siren sounds repeatedly in Warren County it is because new warnings have been issued.

Our next Employee Council is scheduled for January 23, 2014 at 8:30a.m. in Hubbell North, Kent Campus Center.  See you all in the New Year!


October 24, 2013

October Announcements

Congratulation to us!  Simpson won the Purple Pride traveling trophy this week.  Check out our photo from the Record Herald.

Purple Pride Photo

The traveling trophy for Best Dresses office space during Homecoming 2013 was given to Marketing and Public Relations.

Proposals for 2014-15 UGA are due in HR on November 18.

Congratulations to Sunni Swarbrick for being our Drop in the Bucket winner.


Because Retention is a responsibility each of us has, Todd Little, Director of the Hawley Learning Center reviewed the Retention Alert System available to all of us.

Lindsey Swan, the director of the Employee Assistance Program was back to share more ideas for team building and workplace civility.  Lindsey began her presentation with a reminder of what services and resources are available:  They can provide: Workgroup Change and Teambuilding assistance, Individual, family, and couple counseling, and help with both work and personal issues. The benefit is available to employees and their immediate family members. Each family member can receive up to 6 confidential, cost free sessions and they offer a referral for further services

Lindsay started our discussion by explaining we could learn a lot from geese when it comes to team work and civility. Want to learn how?  See Lindsey’s PowerPoint presentation here: Civility 2013. She also encouraged each of us to individually commitment to civility offering the following list of ideas to think about when making decision on how we are going to interact with one and other.

  • Choose your battles
  • Name the problem
  • Be open-minded
  • Be aware of your own tone and volume
  • Be respectful, even if you disagree
  • Use positive communication skills, even when it’s difficult


September 26, 2013


Chris Goodale introduced Andy English and Brenna Stoffa.  Both recently returned to Simpson to begin new careers in the Advancement Department.  Andy is the Director of Alumni Relations and Brenna is the Director of Annual Giving;

Sue Bowlin introduced Lyndsay Vander Werf, who is the new assistant in the mailroom;

Jennifer del Pino introduced Laurie Dufoe, who started this week as the Career Counselor in the Career Service Office; and

I introduced Leisha Wadle, who is the new administrative assistant for the Theatre Department.


1)   Remember Purple Reigns! This Friday, September 27  –  we will be meeting at noon in Kent Campus Center at the seal.

2)   EAC is proud to announce a new program called SC Cares – watch for more information to be shared with you soon!

3)   Flu Shots – shots will be offered at the Wellness Fair and again at a flu clinic on October 8. If you are covered by SC health insurance please bring your Health Insurance card as Wellmark will be covering the cost of the shots again this year.

4)   Drop in the Bucket – Congratulations to Amanda Leichty and Leslie Diehl for being drawn from September’s list of recipients of Drop in the Buckets.


Amy Doling, Associate Professor of Biology and last year’s co-director of General Education gave us an overview of ECC.  Explaining how it was developed and the various components that made of.  She then opened up the floor for questions from the audience.  Spending the next 20 minutes explaining how hours are now counted, what the 7 content and embedded skills are in the general education and how they are added to a student’s classes in their major.  Cheryl Gravett, Assistant Registrar, then gave a presentation on degree audit and how a student can use this tool as they work toward their graduation.

Our next Employee Council is scheduled for October 24, 2013 at 8:30 in Hubbell North, Kent Campus Center.


April 16, 2013


Christen Bain – joined the Departments of Business Administration and Economics and Communication and Media Studies on April 2 as an academic recruitment specialist.  

Tony Sunga – Tony rejoined the coaching staff last Friday as the Assistant Volleyball coach.

Jill Johnson reminded us of the All Employee Meeting Scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 in Pote Theatre.   For anyone unable to attend on the 24th, a second session is scheduled for Thursday, April 25 at 9:30 a.m. in Hubbell Hall I.

Denise Boozell Indianola Hy-Vee Dietitian and Wellness Coach will present “Super Foods to Spring into Good Health” about 10 super foods and how to include them in your diet. See her presentation here: Spring into Super Foods


March 26, 2013


Luke Behaunek introduced Laura Coombs, who started with the residence life staff as the Area Coordinator assigned to Barker Hall.  You may reach Laura at ext. 1862 or by email at laura.coombs@simpson.edu

Alison Swanson introduced Heidi Labertew.  Heidi joined the admissions staff on March 8 as the Admissions Systems Manager. Heidi can be reached at ext. 1605 or by email at heidi.labertew@simpson.edu

Jennifer del Pino introduced Bobbi Meyer, who recently joined the career services department as the Internship Coordinator.  You may reach Bobbi at ext. 1372 or by email at bobbi.meyer@simpson.edu 


John Sirianni began the program with a review the progress of the Cowles renovation that has occurred to date. The completion date for the project is scheduled for the beginning of spring semester 2015.  As a note of interest, Cowles hall is not schedule to close until sometime after graduation.

John also gave us a brief update of the YMCA project.  The full opening is still targeted for August 2, 2014.  Next month if there is interest, Hard Hat tours can be arranged.  Watch for further information.   

For the second part of the program, Lindsey Swan, coordinator of the Employee Assistance Program, gave a presentation on workplace civility.  She began her presentation by describing the benefit we all have in 6 visits annually with the EAP. In her discussion on civility she asked us about what the College mission statement says and to think about how that statement encourages civility.  She also talked about what is considered civil and uncivil behaviors, and to remember that civility starts with each of us.

Our next Employee Council is scheduled for April 16.


February 19, 2013


Drop in the Bucket:  The February Drop in the Bucket was given to Chris Frerichs.  Congratulations Chris!

CAMPUS DAY — Sarah Harl sent an email on Wednesday last week letting us know how Campus Day teams this year.  From a comment made at the listening posts the decision was made to form teams by grouping 4 students and 4 staff/faculty members.  A half sheet sign-up is included below. Just fill it out and return to Sarah or email her directly (sarah.harl@simpson.edu) with the names of your team members.

Campus Day 2013
Wednesday, April 3rd

Team sign up to be paired with a student team





Please indicate who the team contact will be with a star by the individual’s name.


  • Lana Smith introduced Kyle Exline.  Kyle joined the Simpson Community as the Assistant Volleyball Coach January 28.
  • Ellie Olson introduced Amy Ziegenhron.  Amy will be working fulltime during the spring semester as an intern in the Counseling Office.


Steve Griffith made the presentation for the Cabinet update for the month. Steve reviewed the highlights from the recent Board meeting.

Our second speaker was Ryan Brunner.  Ryan is the Senior Account Manager assigned to Simpson from Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa.

Ryan walked us through the mywellmark.com web site.  To register yourself go www.wellmark.com in the Register Now box select member.  Have your Wellmark Id card ready as the first thing you are asked to questioned to enter is your id number located directly below you name on the front of the card.  Answer a few more basic questions and create a password for your account.

Once the account is recreated you will be able to track your our claims, receive message form Wellmark and access membership perks/discounts at Blue 365.

Our next meeting is scheduled for March 26 at 8:30a.m. and will be held in the Hubbell Hall North.


January 19, 2013 


  • Drop in the Bucket: The January Drop in the Bucket was given to Karla Gilson. Congratulations Karla!


  • The newly elected members of EAC were introduced.  They are Ken Fuson, Tracie Pavon, Heather Gaumer and Denise Hudson.
  • Sara Garcia was also introduced.  Sara joined the music department as the part-time music recruiter.  She is a 2008 alum graduating with BA degrees in Music and Communications.  Prior to joining the music depart Sara was a Service Manager for Wells Fargo Bank in Des Moines.


Ken Birkenholtz gave the January Cabinet update. He reviewed several items the Board would be discussing next month at their meeting; items include making a decision on tuition and board fees, as well as getting an update on the closure of C Street, and the decentralization of our steam heat. We are heading in the phases III and IV. Ken also told us bids are due 1/28 for the Cowles renovation.

Todd Little took the podium next.  Todd explained the new on-line reporting system TLC is introducing.  The reporting system will be located on the portal page under My Forms.  Click on the Contribute to Retention Alert enter the student’s name and the information you want to share with the TLC group. You will receive an email once you have completed the notice.

We also introduced our new Volunteer Time Off program.  A power point was shown on how to obtain approval to use VTO, and how to enter the time on timesheet.

Jorie Landers then reviewed several programs people could get involved with to use their VTO.  One of the groups is Everyone Wins!  Iowa.  Melanie Hopkins one of the Volunteer coordinators at Everybody Wins! Iowa shared some information about the program and her experiences reading with a student this year.

Our Next employee Council is February 19th at 8:30am in Hubbell Hall North.


November 27, 2012

Announcements and Introductions 

    1. We welcomed Tabatha Lamb, Upward Bound Advisor.
    2. EAC nomination information will be coming out later this week and election in December.
    3. Our next First Friday is December 7.
    4. Jingle Mingle (formerly Holiday Happening) is scheduled for December 14.  RSVP information will be sent later this week.

The November Drop in the Bucket was given to Paula Palmer for her outstanding customer service.  Congratulations!


A new feature was added to Employee Council. A cabinet member will make a presentation giving an overview of various things that the cabinet is working on.  Jim Thorius, Vice President of Planning and Student Development gave the first presentation, which was an overview of the Strategic Plan and other topics discussed at recent cabinet meetings.

November was National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Valerie Stickle-Diehl, a nurse educator with the Ruan Neuroscience Center presented a program entitled “Forgetting – Does it Mean Anything.”  She spoke about what are normal and not normal memory issues associated with aging.  She also spoke about many things that can affect memory.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for Thursday, January 17 in Hubbell Hall, Kent Campus Center.



October 25, 2012


The October Drop in the Bucket was given to the Grounds Crew for their outstanding customer service.  Congratulations!

2013-14 undergraduate assistantship proposals will be due in HR by the end of the working day, November 19.  The proposal form can be found on the HR home page under the student section in the left hand column of links.

November 2 is schedule to be the first First Friday event.  First Fridays are a chance for faculty and staff to get together socially. It will start at 4:00 in the Principal Black Box.  Snacks will be provided with beverages available for purchase.


We welcomed two new members of the Advancement staff:

Heather Conley, Director of Foundation & Government Support; and

Erin Heeren, Director of Alumni Relations.


To showcase one of our benefits, Mary Jo Healey, CEO of the United Service Credit Union spoke to us about Credit Unions (CUs) and the services United Service Credit Union has to offer each of us.

She began by explaining one of the differences between banks and CUs.  Banks are for-profit and CUs are non-profit institutions.

United Service just moved to 909 9th Street, West Des Moines, IA.  With the move they are able to offer lock boxes, a drive through window, Saturday hours, and great parking.  For a full list of banking services please click here.  If you would like further information about United Service Credit Union please go to their web site at www.unitedservicecu.org

Mary Daily Lange, our loaned executive for United Way, was our second speaker of the morning.  She shared with us the goals UW has set to achieve by 2020 and the progress that has been made in the three areas – Education, Income and Health – targeted by United Way.  The Simpson campaign to support United Way will start soon.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27. Employee Council will be in the Hubbell Hall, Kent Campus Center.


September 25, 2011


The September Drop in the Bucket drawing was held. Amanda Leichty was the recipient.

Flu Shots will be October 9 and 23. More information will be coming soon about sign-up, time and place.

Reviewed the schedule for 2012 -13 Employee Council meetings. Meeting will not begin prior to 8:30 a.m. as this was a request heard in the survey that was sent out last year. Meeting will also be on Tuesdays or Thursdays.



We welcomed the following new folks:

Kathie Lee, part-time nurse;

Colleen Willmott, administrative assistance for the Art Department, and

Audrey Giese, part-time counselor


President Byrd was our speaker. He reviewed several of the items for his fall campus meeting that was held yesterday afternoon. He also reviewed the work that has been done since EAC brought to Cabinet the results of the listening posts that were held last spring.

The first section of the of the report focused on community and communication. EAC offered several ideas to how EAC believed both could be increased.

The following is the list that was submitted to Cabinet and the responses:


  • EAC host a monthly casual gathering 4:00-5:30 p.m. in Kent. This item was APPROVED. The event will be held on the First Friday of the month during the academic year. The first First Friday will be November 2.
  • EAC coordinate monthly departmental open houses and employees granted 20 minutes to attend. This item was also APPROVED. EAC is developing a sub-committee to help work with the various buildings to schedule the open houses. Please watch for details.
  • Grant eight hours of paid time off annually for volunteer work – Again APPROVED. A subcommittee is now working on the details of how time will be requested, tracked and reported is now being developed.
  • Restructure Campus Day to include staff in planning – EAC will be contacting Jim Thorius to coordinate with student planners.
  • Schedule monthly fireside chats with President Byrd – DONE. Meetings will be held through-out the academic year please watch for your invitation to attend.
  • Vice Presidents will be meeting with their entire staff at least quarterly – DONE
  • Vice Presidents will also be scheduling structure listening time, etc. within their divisions. – DONE
  • Publish Cabinet meeting minutes – Oral summaries of Cabinet business will be provided monthly at the faculty meetings and at Employee Council meetings by either President Byrd or a Cabinet officer.

Two sections remain from the initial report – President Byrd asked EAC to continue their work on this effort.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for Thursday, October 25. Employee Council will be in the Hubbell Hall, Kent Campus Center. The meeting will begin at 8:30 and our speaker will be Mary Jo Healey, CEO of the Service Credit Union.


 March 21, 2012


    1. The recipient for March’s Drop in the Bucket drawing was Tammi Perry. Congratulations Tammi!
    2. Tours of the Kent Campus Student Center will be given in the afternoon of Campus Day. So watch
      for details on how to register to take one of the tours.
    3. Today is the last day to register or join a Campus Day team. If you have any questions you can
      contact Sarah Harl in Student Development.
    4. Brittany Preston from the Admissions Office shares what will be happening on campus during
      Junior Visit Day March 30 and also reminded us about the second Admitted Students Day April 13.
      Please welcome our guests to campus.


    Callista Gould, certified etiquette instructor, presented a program she entitled “ The Four Axiom of 
    Business Etiquette”. Callista began her presentation by explaining how she defines etiquette:
Etiquette is being aware of others around you and their needs.

The Four Axioms are:

1)    Realize not everyone is going to like you. It is okay, just remember do not let their troubles/
problems become yours. Be yourself–as Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is
already taken.”

2)    Have you ever fantasized what you would do if you would not get arrested/fired for doing it? Or
restated as Axiom # 2, The art of feeling better later. Practicing restraint can be a good thing.
This would include re-reading emails before you send them.

3)    The meeting begins at the door. Validate early and often. Make eye contact. Build others up. Or,
as your mother told you treat others as you wish to be treated.

4)    Forgive endlessly. Or as Dale Carnegie said “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain
but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.

Callista assured us if we put into practice these four simple ideas, the work environment we create
would be so much more civil.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for April 18 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


February 15, 2012


         1. The recipient for February’s Drop in the Bucket drawing was Rita Watson. Congratulations!

2. Ellie Olsen reminded everyone that the Counseling Services online training focused on
communicating concerns with students and making referrals to appropriate resources must
be completed by March 2nd if you want to be entered into the drawing for $200 to amazon.com
or 2 tickets to the Iowa Culinary Institute. To be entered in the drawing one must complete the
entirety of the 45 minute course. If you are unsure as to whether you have completed this you
may contact Ellie Olson in Counseling Services. The winner will be announced during the
week of  Spring Break.


         We welcomed Brittany Preston and Marissa Simplot to the Simpson Community. Both will be
working in the Admissions Department; Brittany as an Assistant Director and Marissa as an
Admission Representative. Please welcome them to campus.


          Denise Boozell,  Dietitian at the Indianola Hy-Vee gave a presentation entitled “Eat Well…Live Well.”

A few of the high lights of the presentation included a discussion about Soluble Fiber. Soluble
fiber binds cholesterol and removes it from the body. A goal is to eat 5 – 10 grams of soluble fiber
per day. Food Sources include: oat bran, barley, kidney beans, lentils, flax seed, chia seed,
oranges, pears, brussel sprouts, edamame, and high fiber cereals

Denise also challenged us to read the labels of the food items we use and calculate the added
sugar. 4 grams equals 1 teaspoon of sugar. Daily allowance for women is 6 teaspoons, for men
is 9 teaspoons, and for children is 4 teaspoons.

For Denise’s full presentation please click here: Simpson Heart Presentation

Rita Audlehelm, director of student health services, reviewed where the AEDs are located on
campus and correct steps that should be taken when responding to a person in crisis.

Rita also reviewed the email she sent to campus earlier this month as part of American Heart
Month. The University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center is offering daily tips and expertise to
help you live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Sign up at: http://www.uihealthcare.org/heartmonth 
and you will receive a Heart Healthy Recipe Booklet to get you started. Rita reminded us to grab
a bookmark that listed the America Heart Associates Simple 7 or to check out the web site at:

The next Employee Council is scheduled for March 21 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


January 18, 2012


We welcomed Sara Clayton who recently joined the College as the Internship Coordinator.


Jim Thorius announced that Erin Swancutt has been given the title of Assistant Director of Career Services as she has taken over the two student orientations we hold annually.  

SAC passes – if you are interested in getting a SAC pass for 2012 please email Trish Pascasio for a membership enrollment form.

We thanked the outgoing members of EAC – Rita Audlehelm, Luke Behaunek, Sue Bowlin and Chris Frerichs. And congratulated the newest members – Laurie Bower, Cathy Hoch, Aaron Page and Sue Bowlin.

We had the January Drop in the Bucket draw and Sheila Albee’s name was drawn. Congratulation Sheila!


For the January program we increased our Simpson knowledge by playing reverse Jeopardy.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for February 15, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


November 16, 2011


We welcomed Oscar Preis who recently joined the College as web development specialist.


Undergraduate assistantship proposals are due November 21, 2011.

I will be sending an email soon asking for nominations for the EAC elections which will take place in December.

The Simpson Lands’ End store will soon be open – watch for the email.

We had the November Drop in the Bucket draw and Misty Turner was drawn. Congratulation Misty!


Rosemary Link and the Staff of the three EWG campuses presented the program. Rosemary gave a brief history of the program, shares the vision of the program and its current goals. Then she went on tell of the strategies they will be using to accomplish these goals. Marilyn Johnson spoke about the Conference Office and some of what goes on there each Day. She also thanked everyone for our willingness to help guests on campus. Liz Glodek shared information about the graduate programs, endorsements and the Alumni ACE program as well as she work with students both during the academic year and the summer. Craig Peck told us about the opening of the Ankeny campus in 2003 with 2 class sessions and 7 students and explaining how the campus has grown to now having many classes with approximately 170 to 200 in attendance each term. Jule Thorsen then told us about blending learning and the development of on-line instruction. Concluding the presentation there was a quiz with great prizes.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for January 18, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


October 19, 2011


We welcomed the following people who recently began their employment with the College:

Ken Fuson: Ken joined the Marketing and Public Relations staff as the Marketing Writer/Media Strategist.

Sandra Erickson: Sandra returned to Simpson as the Acting Director of the Upward Bound Program.

Megan Cecil: Megan is also returning to Simpson as the Upward Bound Academic Advisor.



The United Way campaign began Monday, October 17 and will run through November 17.

New this year, there will be one drawing per week over the 4 weeks of the campaign. Anyone who turns in their pledge form during the given week will be placed in a drawing for that particular week. The first week we will have a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the campus bookstore, Week 2 – $50 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory, Week 3 – a $50 Amazon gift card, and Week 4 – $50 Visa gift card.

As a special incentive to encourage first time pledges at the $20.00 level or above; a $5.00 thank you gift card to Holy Grounds will be sent to you. If you did not make a pledge last year you can be considered a first time pledge this year.

Todd Matthews, General Manager Chartwells will be making sugar cookies for purchase in the support of the United Way. Cookies can be purchased by the half dozen at $3.00 or dozen at $6.00. To place cookie orders please call Trish Pascasio at ext. 1607 or send an e-mail to Trish Pascasio.  Cookie orders need to be placed by November 14 and will be delivered on November 22.


Mary Lange Daily, the College’s Loaned Executive with the United Way spoke about the United Way and why giving through the United Way gives your dollars focus, choices and accountability.

Cyd Dyer spoke to us about what the library is doing in regard to the 3Rs of Recruitment, Retentions and Resources. Then she turned the floor over to Steve Duffy and Mary Peterson to explain and demonstrate one of the newest resources at the library the Encore system.   The Encore system allows individuals to search for information housed not only in the “classic catalog” but also in the professional data bases that the College holds licensing for use. It is structures to look very similar to a Google search, so is very easy to use. The system can be used off campus just call Steve or Mary and they will walk you through getting access.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for November 16 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


September 21, 2011


  • Leslie Held told us about the upcoming addition of the Simpson Marketplace to The Pulse. It will be a place where we can buy and sell goods and services. Details of the Marketplace will be included in the next Pulse.
  • She also reminded us that Homecoming 2011 in fast approaching. Fireworks have been added to Monday evening events. Also a student-alumni luncheon hosted by Career Development has been added at Noon Friday 10/7.
  • Please plan on attending some of the Homecoming events. Come for the tailgating prior to the game Saturday and then stay and watch the Storm take on Cornell. Remember to greet and be welcoming to all our guest.
  • This Friday we will begin a new program that we are calling Show Your Pride Fridays.  Each Friday we can dress in business casual attire ( No denim or t-shirts. Please save that for the last working day of the month).  Plan on wearing a favorite Simpson polo, sweater or other red and gold shirt and show your pride.

We will be placing another order soon for the golf shirts offered this summer and we are also looking for other options for great Simpson gear, so keep watching your email.

Watch for information on Iowa’s “Start Somewhere Walk” wellness walk to be held on October 7 at noon.


We welcomed the following people who recently began their employment with the College:

Sue Baethke – Sue began her Simpson experience on September 6 as a Programmer/Analyst in Information Services.

Laura Perkins – Laura joins Simpson as the Costume Designer/Shop Supervisor.

Amy Lim – Amy had joined the College as a Piano Accompanist and Piano Teacher.

Alyssa Hedrick and Kelsey Knutson are both new Admissions Counselors.

Sarah Harl – Sarah will be the Interim Assistant Director of Student Activities for the 2011-12 academic year.

Adam Haselhuhn – Adam joins the Advancement Department as an Associate Director of Annual Giving.

Julie Askren, RN, BSN -Julie joined the Health Services Department in early August and will be serving as the part-time campus nurse.

Janelle Rouse – Janelle joined the Student Support Services staff as the Academic Support Coordinator August 1st.

Katy Griner – Katy joined Ellie Olson in the Counseling Department as a counselor this summer, and will be on campus each Wednesday and Friday this fall.

Fred Seel – Fred joined Housing Department as the Assistant Director of Residence Life.

Rebekka Chaltry and Preston Phelps both joined the Housing Department this summer as Area Coordinators.

Jill Johnson, Jill was named the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations on August 1, 2011. 

New Coaches:

TJ Cox – TJ is joining the Simpson Community as the Men’s Head Tennis Coach.

Tricia Davis – Tricia begins her first season as Simpson’s Head Cheer Coach this fall. She will also be the Assistant Dance Coach.

Rick Isaacson – Rick joins the Simpson Coaching staff as the Head Men’s Soccer Coach.

Meagan Jacobson – Meagan is also beginning her first season with Simpson as the Head Dance Coach.

Heath Moenck – Heath was named Simpson’s Head Cross Country Coach/Assistant Track Coach.

Noel Treibel – Noel returns to Simpson this fall as the co-head coach of the women’s golf team.


President Byrd spoke to the group about the College’s proposal to the City of Indianola to close C Street between Clinton and Girard. He reviewed the rationale about closing this section of street, but stressed the area would be developed so that emergency vehicles could still travel safely on the re-developed area. He also shared several drawing of how the area could look and examples of towns where other street closings have occurred.

Then he asked that we contact our City Council member to share our thoughts about the project as they consider and make their decision about Simpson’s proposal. If you would like to express your support, please send an e-mail to your Councilperson, and we suggest you copy the other members of the Council, too. A list of council members can be found in HR.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for October 19 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


August 26, 2011


  • Liz Grimbo announced “The Fiery Trail”, a 32 foot mobile traveling exhibit about Iowans role in the Civil War will be at the Indianola Public Library from September 9 to 13. If you would be interested in volunteering to work at the exhibit please contact Liz. There will also be a forum event presented by Nick Proctor, September 8 in the Craven Room.
  • Simpson Guild.  The membership drive for 2011-12 is now taking place. Annual dues are $15 per person (or $20 for a couple). The membership application can be downloaded from the following link:http://simpson.edu/guild/membershipform2011-2012.pdf Last year the Guild gave $31,500 in gifts to the college, the majority of which went directly to aid students with tuition and college expenses
  • Blood Profiles are scheduled for September 7 and 9 – we will be     putting out an announcement to schedule a time Monday 8/29.
  • The Kent Campus Center ground Breaking is scheduled for 8/29 at 1:00.


President Byrd gave his annual State of the College presentation. It was entitled “New Year New Realities – Adapting to a Rapidly Changing Environment.”

We face new realities as we enter this academic year – difficult economic times and increased competition to shrinking demographics in Iowa, among others. We have to be willing to change with these new circumstances. To answer the question of how we will meet these new realities, we will be holding a series of workshops. The first session will be August 31 at 8:00 in Great Hall. We also need to remind ourselves that there are great things happening on campus – the building of the Kent Campus Center, the addition to the Theatre, and the first year of the Engaged Citizen Curriculum to name a few.

The next Employee Council is scheduled for September 21 at 8:00 a.m. in Great Hall.


May 23, 2011


We welcomed Mary Jane Cassady, Administrative Assistant for Advancement.

The May Drop in the Bucket Award was drawn – Rita Watson, Computer Lab Supervisor , received the $25.00 gift certificate.

In case anyone forgot, a reminder was made that half days start this week.

Kristie Elbert also announced for anyone who ordered a black Simpson t-shirts they are on back order, but will be delivered later this summer.


Ken Birkenholtz, Vice President for Business and Finance and Bob Sapp, the College’s insurance broker from the Frank Berlin Group, presented the 2011-12 health insurance renewal.

The attached PowerPoint was presented at Employee Council and covers the materials.

If you would like a tool to use as you review plan choices for the coming year, you can register at www.wellmark.com to view your EOBs from the last year.

This was the last scheduled employee council for the academic year.



April 20, 2011


We welcomed Nathan Reeves as our new Telecommunications and Network Technician .

It was also announced that Darcie Sprouse will be assuming the responsibilities of Director of Student Support Services.

The April Drop in the Bucket Award was drawn – Tracie Pavon, Assistant Vice President & Director for Financial Assistance , received the $25.00 gift certificate.

Jim Thorius gave us a brief overview of the timeline for the demolition of BSC and the various locations where the student development staff will be housed next year.

The holiday calendar, including half days, is now posted on the HR important dates page. simpson.edu/hr/importantdates.html

The Simpson Guild will be holding its third annual garage sale June 4. If you are spring cleaning, donations will be welcome. Please contact Sheila Allbee.

We will have a TIAA-CREF representative on campus May 4 and 5.

Our next Employee Council is changing date, time and location. The Next Employee Council will be held on May 23 at 10:00 a.m. in the Jordan Lecture Hall, Carver Science Hall.

Updates to What’s Going on at Simpson.

Rekha Basu will be speaking on April 26 as a part of the Insight on Leadership series.

May 4 is Admission’s Jr. Football Campus Visit Day.


A new on-line training system for sexual harassment and sexual misconduct was announced that is a part of the program being required by EIIA, our insurance provider. Please remember this is a learning opportunity not a pass/fail situation.

There will be 2 methods to complete the sessions:

1)    I will be sending an email on how to self register, which will allow you to complete the modules at your desk at a time that is convenient for you.

2)    Or, I will be conducting several group sessions in May similar to the technology training week that was held over spring break. People will have to register as space will be limited to 18 seats per class.

EIIA has established a training schedule with a two year cycle.

Also during the program, Kelley Bradder did a demonstration of the MOX application for smart phones.

MOX will offer yet another means of reaching our students and visitors. A visitor can get directions via Google maps to events and see Campus News. There is also a general directory for main campus numbers.

Students, faculty and staff can log in and get even more specific information. Students can log in and look at their classes, get a class roster, have a direct link to faculty member’s email address, see homework assignments, and participate in class on-line chats.

Once logged in, the application also directly links to the portal directory. A “My News” feature can also be added.

It is great new resource to add to the way we communicate.

Our next employee council will be May 23, 2011 at 10:00 in the Jordan Lecture Hall, Carver Science Hall.  



March 16, 2011


We welcomed Anne Fattig, Admission Counselor.

The March Drop in the Bucket Award was drawn – Liz Glodek, Director EWG Main Campus, received the $25.00 gift certificate.

Kelley Bradder reminded us there was still time to sign up for the various courses being offered during Staff Technical Training Week.


Pam Woods was the speaker. She began by sharing the amount of time wasted each year looking for misplaced items and search email records – she promised us that by the end of the program we would have the tools necessary to  Get a Grip on Clutter & Chaos: Organize to Optimize Your Workday.” The following link shows you the seven steps to organizing a space: stepsoforganizing.html

Pam also suggested as a time saving effort that people limit themselves to checking e-mail 2 to 3 times a day. While checking e-mail use the FAST process or the two minute rule. If the e-mail can be answered in two minutes take care of it then otherwise schedule time to take complete the task later. Steps to master the FAST process can be found at: FASTprocess.html

Our next employee council will be April 20, 2011.


February 11, 2011


We welcomed Tricia Davis, Admission Counselor and Mary Sheka, Executive Director of the John C Culver Public Policy Center.

The February “Drop in the Bucket Award” was drawn – Kim Baltes, Payroll Coordinator, received the $25.00 gift certificate.

John Sirianni also reminded us about the up-coming special election March 1 for the Wellness Center, and 2 open seats on the City Council.


The program for February was entitled “What is Coming Up At Simpson

President Byrd began the program with an update from the Board of Directors meeting.

The following is a brief summary:

  • Approval was given to go ahead with the demolition of the current building and the construction of a Student Center.
  • The expansion and remodel of the Theatre is coming along nicely. In fact, a sneak peek was offered to those going to see the Music Department presentation of “Albert Herring” this week-end.
  • President Byrd also talked about what a new wellness center would mean to the Indianola community and the Simpson Community. There will be a NCAA compliant pool, more space, as well as internship possibilities for students.
  • The College is in talks with the City of Indianola about the possibility of closing C Street between Clinton and Euclid Streets.
  • The Board also approved to continue the study of the opportunity of opening a campus in Peru, AZ.

Chris Frerichs, the Coordinator of Security then reviewed the Stay in Place policy that was recently added to the Emergency Preparedness section of the handbook.

To find the policy, please go to the Emergency Preparedness section of the handbook. 

Next we had a series of speakers come to the podium to share what was taking place on campus, sponsored by their department:

Alison Swanson, Director of Admissions Programs began by reviewing the Admissions events that will be occurring over the next couple of months.

Ellie Olson, Counselor and Kara May, Assistant Director of Hawley Academic Resource Center spoke about the events that will take place during Eating Disorder Week.

Bill Friedricks, Professor of History and Director of the Iowa History Center invited us to attend Peace Through Corn on 2/24.

Rosemary Link, Associate Dean and Director of the EWG programs spoke about the Insights on Leadership series. The next speaker will be Fred Hubbell. He will speak on 2/22 and the event begins at 5:00 p.m.

Chaplain, Fritz Wehrenberg wrapped up with a quick invite to hear Chris Stedman speak on 2/21.

The next employee council will be March 16, 2011 in Camp Lounge. Our speaker is Pam Woods who is a professional organizer. Her program is entitled “Get a Grip on the Clutter and Chaos: Organize to Optimize Your Workday.”


January 11, 2011


We welcomed Robin Buthmann, Benefits Coordinator; Kristin Graham, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator; and Cary Jordan, Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations.


The members of the Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) presented the program.

Denise Hudson, Chairperson of the 2010 EAC, began by reviewing some of the items the committee worked on during the year.

The list includes:

  • ·         More inclusive “family” definition for the illness and bereavement policies
  • ·         Worked with IT on rolling out the new Pictorial Directory on the Simpson Portal
  • ·         Proposed a new “Leave Share” policy
  • ·         “Sophomore” training for 1 year employees
  • ·         Clarification of the Tuition Exchange Policy with Tracie Pavon
  • ·         Outlook training with Al Appenzeller
  • ·         Proposed some changes in the Employee Performance Reviews

The first incentive is the Drop in the Bucket Award.

With this program we want to recognize staff throughout the Simpson community who has gone above and beyond their normal duties to ensure a positive and productive climate within the workplace and promote the success of Simpson College.

Monthly anonymous submission can be made through the EAC website of employees who have excelled in one of these three areas as related to our Mission Statement:

Respect:  Fair, inclusive, open to ideas and acceptance of other people; a sense of honesty and integrity, committed to an environment that fosters critical thinking and is open to and engaging of differences.