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During severe weather alerts (watches and warnings), residents are encouraged to monitor television and radio reports and should take reasonable precautions.  Windows should be closed during thunderstorms or severe weather alerts.  Each resident should have a flashlight accessible in case of power failure.

When tornado alert sounds:

  • Proceed to the lowest floor that can be reached before high winds or the tornado strikes.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • All electrical items should be disconnected if time permits, except for radios used for weather alerts
  • Remain calm.
  • If a tornado strikes, do not move to see the damage until the storm is well out of the area. Tornadoes sometimes come in twos.

The Office of Security is equipped to monitor up-to-the-minute conditions during all-weather watches and warnings. Communication of that information is made to the Residence Life staff as quickly and completely as possible, and each hall staff is prepared to notify residents and/or take appropriate precautions as needed.  With all severe weather situations, notification to residents is dependent upon weather notifications from local and national weather agencies.

In a critical situation such as a tornado threat, time may not allow staff to conduct a floor-by-floor or room-by-room alert.  Persons who fail to respond to a tornado alert siren or who choose to leave safer areas of the building before an alert siren ceases do so at their own risk.

When a severe thunderstorm or tornado has been sighted in the area, a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning is issued. If a warning is received, persons close to the storm should take cover immediately.

  • Residence Halls – students living in residence halls will be directed to take cover by residence hall staff, if time and the situation allow. Residents should take shelter in the basement or an interior hallway on the lowest floor. The residence hall staff will monitor the weather bulletins and indicate directions to be followed, if the situation allows. Students disregarding staff directions or failing to follow established procedures will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Classroom, Office Buildings – Go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor, or to a designated shelter area.
  • Outside – Go to a designated shelter area. If there is not time, lie flat in the nearest depression area with your hands shielding your head.