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Nominations are Open for the George Washington Carver Community Service Award

Submit your nomination by December 1, 2023.


Nominations are open for the George Washington Carver Community Service Award. This award is meant to honor an individual who has shown a commitment to the life areas George Washington Carver held of high importance. Nature, art, faith, education and service were among the essential markers of his life. 

All nominees should possess at least three of the four following criteria.

  1. Social Responsibility: An individual who makes significant contributions toward the elevation and support of their community through volunteer programs, social groups, outreach centers, sports programs, after-school groups, etc. The nominee should have contributed to least one community program or initiative with measurable impact on others.
  2. Perseverance: An individual who demonstrated perseverance in pursuing their educational and life goals. The nominee should have examples of instances during which they have successfully overcome significant challenges.
  3. Arts/HumanitiesAn individual who engages in the arts and humanities (e.g. music, painting, film, theater, creative writing, etc.) The nominee should have experience in the arts/humanities through volunteerism, professional role, or as a personal hobby. 
  4. Faith/Spiritual Practice: An individual who lives a life of faith. The nominee should have a connection to nature and/or have a religious or spiritual practice that motivates their service.

All nominations must be submitted by December 1, 2023. Submissions will be evaluated by January 8, 2024 and the award winner will be announced by January 15, 2024.

Submit your nomination.