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Simpson Esports Earns Spring Impact Awards


This month, the Simpson esports team received another round of accolades from the Midwest Esports Conference (MEC). The team earned the Social Impact Award, which is presented to an MEC team that has positively impacted their local community and the esports community as a whole. 

"We work with local high schools to provide coaching and other resources for underserved communities," said Simpson's Director of Esports, Hubert Whan Tong. "We've also partnered with Simpson's Office of Diversity Equity and Urban Dreams to help those same communities bridge the accessibility divide," he continued. 

In addition to their local work, the Esports program engages with Women in Games International (WIGI) to help promote women in STEM fields and esports, specifically. They have also engaged partners through the Mount Sinai Network of Hospitals to raise awareness for mental health.

The esports' coaching staff also appeared among the finalists for Coaching Staff of the Year. Three coaches were recognized for the award, including Megan Grubb '21, former VALORANT Game Changers player; Noah Kylander, the team's remote Rocket League coach; and Seth Larson, the Esports Assistant Director working with the Smash Ultimate team. This is the second time the staff of volunteer coaches has been recognized for their impact on student improvement.